Help interpreting a guy's thoughts on me. I only met him once and felt connected to him. I also ran into him at the store a few days after meeting him. I will see him again

  • according to my tarot, this if is what he thinks of me: The world, The temperance, The Empress. I decided to clarify the Empress and got the 8 of cups.Could you help me interpret this? I usually get the world and temperance or strength when I ask.

  • @hannahtarot
    Not sure what deck you’re using but the World normally shows a woman floating in mid-air which is what stood out in my mind’s eye when reading your post. It’s a gentle message to you that you are not grounded and maybe getting a little too carried away too quickly. Temperance and Strength again is a message to “temper” yourself and harness your emotions. Take a deep breath and slow it down girl!

  • @watergirl18 This is the deck I'm using. The Haunted House Tarot
    The cards in order are as follow: The World, The temperance, the empress and 8 of cups.

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