Question for Captain please

  • Dear Captain,
    I hope you are doing well. I wanted to see if you could do a compatibility check for me... you have been correct on both of my ex husbands behavior so far and I really don’t want a third ex... so I would like to check with you first... Lol. 🙂 He is Sagittarius (12-13-1973), and I am April 11th, 1980. Would this be a relationship possibility or just a keep it a friendship situation? I’m scared to make any moves at all with anyone after getting hurt so badly the last time, but I do feel that it is time for me to move on... I know I have possibilities out there! 🙂

  • This relationship could work out for marriage if certain conditions are met. But success here depends on whether the two of you can accept each other. You should mainly have an easy and relaxed time together. Although the two of you do understand each other intuitively and can form a solid friendship., you do however tend to distrust each other's motives and energies, so that love may have to be built brick by brick, step by step. In many areas, all-out struggles may abound unless each person works toward fuller acceptance. Neither of you will easily back down from a fight, and one or both of you may get hurt in the process. These hurts can sometimes be self-inflicted since, in competition, the two of you may try so hard to overcome the other that you go beyond sensible limits. If such struggles are to be avoided or at least minimized, again full acceptance is vital. Both of you are great reformers, and you will struggle against anything you see that is unacceptable in the world. In love matters, you must acknowledge and accept absolute mutual equality, since neither of you will tolerate being dominated by the kinds of energy possessed by the other person. Attraction, sexual and otherwise, can be strong between you and any negative feelings that emerge will be correspondingly deep. If emotional swings are to be avoided, the relationship will have to develop bonds of tenderness and sympathy, and egotism will have to be severely limited. Marriage here would benefit from the stability of home and family, but unconditional acceptance and love would have to be the priority. You two must work together to make this great..

    This man has a passionate side to him and, when it is first unleashed in a relationship, he will feel liberated and his partner will feel cherished. However, he needs to resist the tendency to put his partner on a pedestal and then wear them down with constant criticism and nitpicking. Once he understands that no one is perfect, he will get his priorities right and place love at the very top. But he will also have to learn when to let go as he can cling to people or past situations or even resentments long after they should have been left behind.

  • Thank you dear Captain! This is good information to know! ❤

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