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  • Would like to introduce myself and get any insight/feedback. I have been visiting for a couple years and have been trying help myself grow and adjust to my new life after a couple very tough years. I have thought in the past that I have a gift and sometimes know things before they happen. As a child I remember an experience with light and what I remember thinking was a visit with an angel. I am a good friend and always there for people and can feel the energy from people. Unfortunately, it seems that I attract or fee the negative energy and as my friends say I am comforting. I seem to be able to understand or read situations with others and not so good about my own situations or myself. I sometimes wonder if it is just part of me being a ox and a pisces (2/26/61 and do not know birth time). I was wondering if anyone can let me know if I have a gift and should develop it or not. I have been so sad, lonely and unhappy without any direction for my new path I am wondering if anyone can give any input into direction about my life, love, happiness, career, education and location. I know that the betrayal of my husband, best friend and lover of 28 years was a lesson. That the confusing connection of another man that I trusted only to find out he was not who I thought he was and that he too was untruthful and just drained my energy and projected his baggage onto me was also a lesson. The problem is that I can not seem to move on and am in need of input to help get my life on track and understand my lessons and new path. Some readings or input in any areas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi, Don't know if I can be much help but will try. I think it's important for you to know your own special self-worth. From what you have mentioned your quite good at helping people and that is what God calls us to do. To help and love our neighbor. I think on the road to discovery we have to learn that we may get dragged down. We learn from this. Find and recognize a way to help without getting sucked in--that is the best I can put it. I guess there are all different ways to avoid trouble. Meditate, pray etc. I guess what I'm saying is to realize your limits. I know you can see the endless possibilites--and that's great.

  • Just want to see if anyone out there can give me a reading or insight. I thank Dalia for her post.

  • Hi Olivebranch - I have not had much internet experience so bear with me. It is very usual for people with "gifts" to not be able to "read" themselves -it seems to be a built in way for us to turn to one another. Dalia mentioned meditation and that is a fabulous way to refine and develope one's psychic gifts. Try to relax and asking for Divine assistance according to your beliefs, then relax znd affirm that all the solutions and answers you need come to you at the perfect time. My intention if only peace and I hope that you find this helpful or at least comforting.

  • you mentioned that you know the lessons you need to learn from previous events. it is normal to feel stuck once and awhile. but doesn't mean you are actually stuck. the timing of the universe is not like ours. understanding the lessons you have learned doesn't mean your life will move forward right away. in fact it is only the first step. the next is allowing yourself time to heal and after that you will be in the right time and place for improvement, which is when the universe will step in once again to provide you.

    It is not necessary to always be 'on the go'. It is however necessary to actively nurture your psyche as well as your physical because in order to live life fully, balance is required. go with what you feel best. if you are into healthy diet and exercise for your physical, do so. if for your psyche you prefer to go with yoga and zen meditation, do so. some people go with religion, wiccan path or some mystic rituals. there is no right or wrong way. there is only the way that suits you. you can not force the timing of the universe, readings and insights may show you what will happen and when, but the future depends on our effort. means the universe can change the timing if it feels you are ready or not ready for improvement.

    there is no deadline in the spiritual world. there is only 'when the time comes' and that solely depends on your psyche. 24/7 is a concept the physical world recognizes, the psyche - our link to the universe, does not bow to this rule. nurture yourself and achieve awareness, when you do, the universe will send you the answer you are seeking. your awareness will be a sign of your readiness for improvement and new lessons.

    by the way I mentioned your other discussion to ahliyah. Again, whether she can or want to help you is entirely her decision. I hope what I wrote helps a bit.

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