Can someone please do a reading for me?

  • I have had a lot of stress happen with me hurting back, my ex husband being difficult with me seeing the girls. And cancelling on me 3 times, amd his girlfriend causing problems for me. Can someone please help me out amd do a reading for me? About my low back problem and my right hip pain, amd my ex husband giving me a hard time. What happens with that? Why is he making me so stressed for? My birthdate is 12-12-80 and his birthdate is 04-02-1974. Thanks any thoughts or input, I would really appreciate it.

  • Is your ex 4th February or 2nd April?

  • @thecaptain hey there Captain. His birthday is April 2nd, 1974. Mine is Decmeber 12, 80. Sorry I didnt see this before. I went to bed early last night.

  • @tuliplilly if you are experiencing a chronic condition, it may result from long-term resistance or inflexibility to change and its associated tension. It can especially manifest in your joints and bones. Our hips help us move forward. The challenge of change can cause us to try to hold onto things the way they were when they were good, until eventually immobility becomes a real problem and we must let go of the past. Lower back pain can come from money fears and lack of financial support.

    Your ex is very immature in many ways and particularly has a problem being open to other people's viewpoints - he just won't listen, like a rebellious teenager. He also sets himself very unrealistic goals and ends up frustrated when reality bites. Your relationship with him was always destined to be confrontational and difficult for love. Power struggles will emerge sooner or later. You make worthy opponents for each other, although the matchup between you may at times resemble that between David and Goliath, or Alice and the Queen of Hearts. The key to a successful relationship here will be balancing your individual strengths and working toward common (and realistic) goals. The ability to think things through and address issues will be essential. In marriage, one or the other of the two of you will dominate; there will rarely be an equal balance of power here. Your ex can be hard-driving and career-oriented and may try to lay down the law, but this will only work for a while - sooner or later your assertive power (even if you are suppressed) will emerge with a bang. The relationship will work best when your ex reconciles himself to playing 'second fiddle' to you as long as his freedom to choose, to come and go, and to make up his own mind on important issues is not compromised or infringed upon. Such an arrangement is quite possible in this relationship.

    The fact that only one of you can come out on top will mean that in the long run probably both of you will lose. Yet the two of you are actually quite similar in many ways and can get on as long as your shared willfulness and confrontational tendencies stay under control. If one of you makes a decision not to fight, the other will usually accept this kind of unilateral truce, and a harmonious balance can be achieved. It's a bit like the struggle for control between a parent and a child. Yet making peace is in both your interests, so a compromise would be very helpful if it can be achieved.

  • @thecaptain its very stressful. He wont listen to me. He put my kids in a school he cant afford. And i told him I wasnt in a position to be able to help him make payments. Since my back had been really bothering me. Her voucher fell through, and he owes a lot of money. I dont have money to help him. Hes now harass ing me for money through text messages. Hes blaming me for his predicament and making me feel bad. We are supposed to discuss things involving kidsbefore he signs them up for things. Thats part ofour divorce agreement. He took her out of a school that was great school and away from her friends. I feel really bad for her.

  • @tuliplilly well if he is behaving like a child, you have to be like a parent to him and apply discipline - firmly.

  • @thecaptain I know exactly what you mean. But that gets exhausting after awhile. Hes like a man-child. I didnt realize he was like that when I was younger when we met. Thanks for your help Captain! I really do appreciate it!

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