@Jodomi - relationship reading? please <3

  • Good evening! I was wondering if you would be willing to do a relationship reading for me. There isn't anyone in mind, there's actually noone in my life currently. 11-18-1977
    Thank you in advance,

  • Hello dear, Yes of course! Not sure what happened but while I was writing to you the message disappeared entirely. So I feel you may feel as though you are running out of time to find the one meant for you, is that correct? The message here is that you only need to be patient but also don’t be afraid to put yourself out there , I get a sense you may tend to keep to yourself when you don’t have to be around others . I feel that this person is going to come into your life quite soon so be prepared for it and be positive (I also sense you are in a dark moment, maybe full of negative thoughts about yourself ) . I was also seeing a bright green light before and was wondering if maybe you understand anything about it? Maybe you have seen it once in the corner of your eye or while you were falling asleep one night ? Let me know if this helpful to you at all and if you need anymore answers , love and light dear xx

  • Thank you! I don't feel an urgency, but a pressing curiosity. Luckily, I'm over 40 so kids aren't even on the table 🙂 that takes all the pressure off. I think more than anything, I just want to have a long lasting relationship, good banter/friendship/trust/chemistry, marriage, growing old, grandkids, to live in a wonderful place and have great stability with another person...I'm lucky that I have stability, a wonderful place to live, and great grown kids on my own. Again, I just really would love someone who is successful in all of these areas to merge with me. Im a bit tired of being hte only single one in my friend group. lol

    I'd say I"m not in a dark place, I actaully really like myself and my time alone, but I'd like to share it too. It may look dark because I"m definitely in a place of growth, it's not always comfortable but soul and I are moving through it. I have a lot of great things going on but yes, challenging for certain!!!

    Oh, yes, I"m a complete keep to my self-er. I work with really acute people all day long so by the time night time comes around, I walk my dog a few miles and crash, weekends are me being a hermit. The only social time I have is if i go to my friend's house or of they have a gathering. I have no idea how to meet people, I've done the online thing-too creepy too "I just want casual forever", which is fine but I"m in southern california and it's a majority, so that's annoying 🙂

    Anything else you pick up on, I"d love to hear. ❤ Thank you so much.

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  • @jodomi hi Jodomi my dob 28-6-1992 . Could you pls lemme know what spirit says about my relationship with my first love ? He misunderstood me completely as I told him certain events that took place behind him in past . We are not in talking terms and I bid a good bye to him as I was deeply hurt for how I was misunderstood . Pls throw some light into my situation . It's unfair why things are happening to me like this always .

  • @cutiee27 hi dear , I will get to this tomorrow ! Love and light XX

  • @jodomi am waiting for your answer

  • @cutiee27 okay let’s begin! Xx so the first thing I’m noticing , it’s a bit random but it’s a city (Venice from the looks of it) and I’m wondering if it has any significance to you and maybe this guy? Maybe you went to or planned to go there together once before ? I do feel that you are maybe holding on too much to the past and need to let things from it go , perhaps he is one of those things you need to let go , or maybe the conflicts you faced in the past together need to be let go . At any rate , there is negativity between the two of you that still lingers that needs to be gotten rid of if you ever plan to have closure , which is really what both of you are seeking at this moment . I do think the message here from spirit is to wait for things to cool down, “have patience”, and then give each other that closure you have both needed for a long time . You both are meant to find someone better for you in your lives , not that either of you are bad , you just are not good for each other . I hope this is helpful for you dear, sorry it took long, I was working , let me know if you have anymore questions or clarifying , love and light xx

  • @jodomi we are meant to br friends this life and I acknowledge it and accepted that long long ago . I just told him things he is not aware of but he misunderstood me . What are his thoughts of me in general ? Does he still think I have ulterior motives in saying all these ? I let it go and had enough already but have no negative feelings but sending him love and light on his way as I wish his well being always and he is someone very dear and special to me . Lemme know is he my soulmate karmic or twin flame ?

  • @cutiee27 i feel you were just meant to come into each other’s lives as lessons , nothing more . Like I said he will need to cool off from whatever you said that upset him before he is going to listen . Love and light x

  • @Jodomi But he fit into the category of a soulmate as he came to help me spiritually . My intuition says he was my soulmate and I had all the traits of a soulmate connection with him . Can you ask the spirit once what is this connection ? Also tell me Will he understand me in future ? Will he reach out ?

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  • @jodomi will he reach out to me ? How do he sees me as a person in general ? Who am I to him . Pls answer Jodomi

  • @astrogirl99 sure thing ! Don’t be negative though, it will happen when it’s meant to ! I am seeing that you may be blocking yourself from having opportunities in love in some way (too closed off, too shy , or too negative) does it sound right to you ? In any case I do feel you are going to be in a very comfortable state of mind soon as you will start to feel better about being by yourself for the moment and realize that you have to be patient to find the right person for you. Not sure what this means to you but I’m seeing a tall building (like the World Trade Center in New York ) and feel maybe it’s an important location for some to happen , or even a symbolism of how high your standards are for love. If it is how high your standards are, it may be time to try and compromise what you feel are means for dropping someone (like a little flaw that you may not like but isn’t harmful to you) and try and give them a chance . I’m not saying settle for less , but don’t drop a person just for a little thing you may not like, no body is going to be picture perfect and you must realize this if you expect finding someone. I Hope this helps you out , let me know if you have anymore questions, love and light xx

  • @cutiee27 I have already told you what I can , I am sorry if it is not exactly what you wanted to hear but in this case it is what it seems to be . He and you are not soulmates (from what I can see, or even twin flames) you two are just meant to pass through each other’s lives as a lesson to help you find the ones you are meant to be with . And yes, sometimes it can feel like someone is your soulmate because you feel a way about them , but it does not mean that they are actually.

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  • @jodomi okay I accept what you said ...lemme know whether he will reach out to me and clear the misunderstanding he had about what happened ?

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