Are Pisces man jealous and possessive ? And how to know a Pisces guy is jealous how they behave When they get jealous ?

  • Please can someone help me with this, I really want help how to know a Pisces Guy is jealous

  • I have only dated one Pisces guy and he was not at all jealous or possessive. It was almost like he wouldn’t have cared if I saw someone else. He was pretty detached and selfish though.

  • While they sound contradictory, the words independence and jealousy are the best ones to describe the Pisces man. The world of people born under this sign is a little bit different than ours. They are not a jealous sign overall, but like any other people, they have their times when they could become jealous. However, when they get this feeling, they start to immediately become compassionate too and they snap out of it. This doesn’t mean they don’t expect devotion and love from their partner. If a native in the sign of Pisces gets jealous, they are generally going to overcome the moment. Emotional people, those born in this sign get rather sad than angry when jealous. They are loyal themselves, and they expect their partner to be the same.
    It is possible that your Pisces man doesn’t even notice that you may be flirting with someone else until you do it right in his face. He cares enough but he also likes being very in love so he wouldn’t pay attention.
    He’s the meditative type, so his partner needs to understand this man needs his moments to go into his own world. Everything the Pisces man does is emotional, though he may conceal it.

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