Can you please help

  • I am a Sagittarius woman being with this Pisces man from 5 months. At first everything is good he told me he has feelings for me , discussing our future then his behaviour changes he sometimes shows lot of attention sometimes totally cold and ignoring me. After one week he told me were just friends, Then why does he string me along, We decided to remain friends but still he is giving mixed signals sometimes I still feel like he is having feelings for me and other time he ignores me. He saw me with one of my male friend he start to behave super cold asking me a lot of question , I can sense jealously. And then he disappear without any contact then he reappear again contacting me this time I ignore him which make him very mad from 2 weeks he don't contact me. I am confused if he is not interested why he coming back in my life contacting me again giving me mixed signals or he was just playing games. Please help me

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