Confused by Pisces man

  • I have been involved with this Pisces guy from 5 months, he is the one start chasing me calling me etc etc...At first he is the nicest guy in this world, He opens about himself, telling me I touch him emotionally like no on else does. And I connect with him in many levels , I really started to fall for him he told me he started to have feelings for me too..Then after sometimes his behaviour changes he was sometimes shows a lot of attention sometimes totally cold, he completely ignores my text, I give him some space after one week he told me were just a friends and we should be just be friends. Why then he string me along for so long, even when I ask him many times before are we friends and he told me were not friends, after that he disappear without any contact and after 4 weeks he started to contact me again, seeing me with one of mine guy friend he behave super cold. I really decided to move on and cut all contacts with him which makes him very angry for ignoring him he blasting my inbox asking about my male friend then he disappear again I don't respond to any of his text and this is 2 weeks ago. I am confused why is he disappear then reappear and why he even contacting me again when he is not interested. Is he playing games ?

  • @vanessa24 I am going through the exact thing with my Pisces man....I think it is a characteristic of their sign. In my case he went from hot to cold in a matter of 8 hours.....left me very confused and hurt.
    My thoughts are, if it was that easy for them to walk away, we should not want them back. They will do it again. Pisces are afraid of their emotions and feelings and then they run. I know how bad it hurts....I wish you the best.

  • Vanessa, it takes two to play games. Stop allowing this immature guy to keep stringing you along. Opt out!

  • TheCaptain Thanks I really need to hear this to clear my head

  • @libraluli I know and your right If I allow it he will do it again its really sucks to play with someone emotions like this in case of what ever signs they have. Thankyou soo much for your advice

  • @vanessa24 We need to let go of people who aren’t meant for us. Mans rejection is Gods protection.
    It hurts when these guys act like this. They are scared of emotions and feelings and run away. It is sad for them, but don’t go back, you can’t fix him. Be light and breezy, tell him you are moving on and wish him well. For me, I will never date another Pisces!

  • @libraluli Yes he is insecure person and run away we cant fix this kind of person. From now I will just focus on my own self. Same here I am done with Pisces man never ever going to date another one

  • @vanessa24 Absolutely! We don’t need to put up with unacceptable behavior from these dysfunctional, emotionally unavailable men who can’t seem to grow up. The more distance I put between me and my Pisces, I realize how shallow he really is....I stayed too long.

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