Facing the Shadows

  • Hi my name is Jordyn. I am not new to the world of tarot but I am new to reading them myself. I am trying to work on my self and my spiritual higher self journey. As a giant leaper into the unknown, as a way of learning my deck and who I am I decided to tackle a 30 day shadow challenge. YIKES! Go big or go home I guess... Anyways, I have meditated on the cards and have kept a journal but i keep getting a nagging inner voice saying i'm missing something in my interpretation. I would like to be as objective as possible to get the most benefit out of it. So i am asking if my conclusion is way out on left field or missing something.

    Today I was asked three questions and the cards that were pulled.

    How did my childhood and puberty affect my shadow?
    -Judgement, page of pentacles, and ace of wands

    How did my self-confidence evolve?
    -Justice (reversed) and 4 of pentacles

    What are the things that has become part of my shadow this time?
    -High priestess (reversed) and the king of swords

    What i got from this was: Child/Teenage years have been spent not feeling like i measured up, and always had to do and be better according to be accepted by others. My self confidence/ awareness/ intuition is imbalanced and I have a need to control everything in life for stability and security. Everything needs a rational/ logical explanation and if it doesn't it nags me and spirals. There is intuition there but it is being blocked by negative self doubt.

    As i am still very new and learning/ growing in my tarot reading so any and all insight is helpful!

    thank you!

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