Can someone gice me their advice about a weird dream I had?

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  • @daliolite i dont see how a child praying pertains to my situation. Do u think it could have something to do with my cousin Eric? He passed away shortly after his Holy Communion. Sorry i didnt respond back before. I went to see a movie about a singer that was famous back in the 70s.

  • @daliolite im not sure about wedding dress? I like to sew. I recently got my wedding dress back from my ex husband. I was debating about throwing it away. But im thinking about selling it. Give it to someone who has use for it. Not sure why you would be getting so many symbols.

  • @tuliplilly If you don't mind, how did he pass.

  • @daliolite I get symbols all the time. I felt like channeling today, I had some time.

  • @daliolite Sorry, all your posts popped-up all the sudden. Anyway, yes I think it's your cousin. Strong spiritual presence. I was reading your post and started getting symbols so thought I would mention. It's what I do. I don't get anything major as far as the dream you had. Plz read previous posts.

  • @daliolite he drowned in a river. They were on a camping trip. My uncle and other cousin were looking over on a bluff and he slipped off the rock and fell in the water. It was very traumatic, i was 4 at the time and I still remember his funeral. Sorry i didn't respond back sooner. I saw a Linda Rondstadt movie which was awesome!! Thanks for your input and help daliolite and the captain too!!

  • @tuliplilly Ok, that makes perfect sense to me. Glad to hear the movie is good. That's music I grew-up with. I don't know how your uncle would relate to this but his son's presence was here today. It was no doubt traumatic for your uncle as one set of folding hands was not a child's, an adult. Image of young angel praying.

  • @daliolite i cant imagine that happening to me with my kids. Parents worse nightmare come true. Does he come around me a lot? Or more at my parents house?

  • @tuliplilly The feeling that I have regarding the things I've seen and how they're presenting is that his father shoulders a lot of burden. I feel the child is sending his love in the form of a heart to his father. I feel the message to the father is "your not alone." I don't know if the father, at times, separates himself when he thinks about him, prays, etc. The child wants him to know that he is w/him esp when he feels alone. Perhaps the fathers prayers have been answered in regards to this message because the prayer message is strong. I believe the child's feet slipped on a rock. Some imagery pertaining to the shoe/feet. Like the shoes weren't laced properly or laced at all. I'm kinda pushing the envelope. But feel he doesn't want his dad to feel all alone.

  • There are two things going on at the same time. The most hidden from you or under the surface has to do do with some darker feelings about your relationship with your dog. Unresolved grief or guilt of some kind that has a resolve in your head but your heart still struggles with the situation. I'm getting ABANDONMENT fears. I get LOSS. This cross ties with a warning or a unconsciousness feeling of poison arrows coming your way. Spiders often represent something or someone is not to be trusted. Either a plotting behind your back or just bad thoughts others are directing towards you.Usually, it's a general warning not to trust something ahead.. But it also can be a dark place in yourself that has been buried , a trauma that now is ready to be dealt with. I get that you have several current events bringing this forward. Often, several related traumas come to light at the same time. Spiders often turn up later in dreams of people who have survived abuse. Specially sexual. On a psychic level I pick up that this is time to FEEL AND HEAL. You kept on moving and a lot got put aside but you have not had time or space to just grieve for yourself. It is a uncomfortable place to be and it is normal to resist just retreating into your wounds for awhile. There will always be available distractions to avoid that. Any real poison arrows out there can be dealt with by using the shield visualization and repeating to yourself that all poison arrows sent your way will deflect off of your shield and return to sender. Try not to engage otherwise in worry or fear concerning safety issues as it just pulls you into harm when what you want is to find the power in yourself to protect yourself from harm. You have many traumas to resolve and you are being safely guided. Fear is no longer serving you. You can do this. BLESSINGS. PS, Spirit says to do HOUSECLEANING as a commitment to keep your space healthy. Get rid of all items that do not love you back or have ANY bad memories attached. Including gifts. I see you going in circles and getting that urge but then you freeze up. Too much thinking. Put a box by the front door and fill it and once it is full move it to the car and then donate or throw out. Don't overthink things.

  • @daliolite yeah his shoes were tied. But they stopped to look at something eric, my uncle and my other cousin. His foot slipped off the rock and he fell as his dad turned his head to look at something. It happened so fast. It hit everyone hard, even now i am paranoid about swimming in certain areas. My Uncle prays, but i don't think i could tell him about this stuff. It makes me feel better to hear about it. I used to have dreams about him, I would go to my friends houses to look for him. I miss him all the time. I know his brothers do too. I feel comforted and I feel like he is with me from time to time. I don't know when he is, but I know he's there, on occasion. So thank you for the information, its comforting to hear.

  • @blmoon Those things you mention is stuff from my ex husbands house. It gets overwhelming so I wind up procrastinating. Some stuff i want to keep, some things I want to get rid of but I am not sure what to get rid of. Those poison arrows would be coming from my ex husbands girlfriend. She acts like she wants to be friends. But i am not sure if she does. I get mixed feeling about her. I have afeeling she is talking about me behind my back, but i am not sure. They have screwed me out of 2 weekends with my kids. Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it!!! I will try that suggestion about sending poison arrows return to sender.

  • @daliolite your welcome! I tried the advice about the poison arrows. And i sent them back, return to sender. I did it when i was stretching and doing my yoga. I felt the negative feeling leave and i felt filled with peace and positive energy. A half hour later I felt that negative feeling return, so I repeated the process. It sort of felt like someone was talking about me. Its hard to describe it.
    A half hour later my ex husband called me and tried to cancel my plans with my kids for tomorrow. So the negative feeling is coming from either his gf and him. I feel it now again since we got in a argument about him not letting me see my kids. So now im gonna try that again. Sorry i dont mean to repeat myself. Im not sure how many times I can properly thank you. But thanks again for your time and your help✌🙂

  • @tuliplilly The advice about the poison arrows came from Blmoon. She's really good.

  • @daliolite Shoot sorry. I didnt look up high enough on the thread!

  • @tuliplilly Be sure to read the complete thread and meditate/think about it.

  • @daliolite I will thanks!

  • @daliolite could u please do a reading for me and my ex husband? Im wandering whats making him be so difficult lately with our kids. His bdayvis 4-1-74 and mine is 12-12-80. Thanks, i really really appreciate it!!

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