Can someone gice me their advice about a weird dream I had?

  • I had a dream that my dog Bella was at my moms house. There was a big black spider hanging down from a potted house plant. Bella goes up to it sniffs it, and then obediently opens her mouth amd lets the big black spider in. ( bella is my dog that my ex husband gave up, my sister adopted her). I feel like its a warning, but i am not sure. My ex and is girlfriend are pulling crap with our duvorce agreement. I had this dream a week prior to 2 weeks before they started picking fights with me.
    I woke up feeling very grossed out, i hate spiders and cant imagine why I would be dreaming about them. If anyone has an opinion about the dream or insight, please share it with me. Thanks😄

  • Have you checked on Bella's health?

  • @thecaptain yes I have. She hurt her paw, i think front right one. She has been laying on it and shes bending part of it back underneath. Poor thing got sprayed by a skunk in the mouth or eyes, a month ago. She's an Australian sheperd mix with boxer. I've been thinking about the dream, off and on for a couple of weeks/ periodically.
    Could it actually be about Bella and not a symbolism for something else?
    I thought maybe it was a warning for me about swallowing a load of bull hockey, from someone else? Sorry, i was trying to say that in a polite manner, lol. 😉

  • @tuliplilly the similarities between your dream and what happened to Bella are too similar to dismiss them as coincidence. The two of you seem to have a strong telepathic connection.

  • @thecaptain well i did adopt her from an animal shelter. And we did go through a lot together. Shes a good dog and has a big heart, and she's very intelligent. And when we gave her to my sister, it almost broke my heart. I visit her periodically, amd my kids get to see her. So that helps a lot. Could there be another health problem other then her paw? Shes 9 years old, and her birthday is March 10th or March 11th.

  • @tuliplilly Black is my symbol for cancer. I'm not afraid of spiders and feel that they are beneficial, so the spider aspect doesn't make my ears go up. I thought of your health or your dog's. I am getting a few symbols and feel like someone in your family is sending love, this person has passed, perhaps younger in age, birthday or special occasion is being brought-up. I feel as though cancer is something that this person suffered. I feel like a wedding or something regarding a wedding. I'm sorry if I may be off but thought you might be able to relate.

  • @tuliplilly has Bella had a full health checkup recently?

  • @daliolite i had a situation where i had a big brown spider fly down from a rafter and fly on it web right down my shirt and in my bra. I am now currently afraid of spiders. I will never forget running to the rest room and trying to flick a spider the size of a 50 cent piece off my chest. It was the craziest thing that has ever happened to me!!

  • @thecaptain she had her vaccines back in April. She had a vet visit maybe a year and a half ago for itching and dog allergies. She has food allergy to chicken.

  • @tuliplilly did you see my post about a family member who has passed

  • But a complete health checkup? It might set your mind to rest.

  • I find it interesting that Bella was at your mother's house - what are your feelings about this place, like do you see it as a sanctuary, a safe place or what?

  • @daliolite im sorry i didn't. I just looked and saw it. My boyfriends mom passed away at a young age from brain cancer. There is a birthday coning up in his family. My grandmother also died when she was 50 from uterine cancer. So im not sure who it would be. What are your thoughts on this?

  • @thecaptain I lived with them for alittle bit after i left my husband. I see it as a sanctuary, its my childhood home. With some bittersweet memories. But now a sanctuary. There was a long forgotten cemetery at end of street. When the city plans were pulled up it was rediscovered. Now there is a flag there and a marker. I think since then, any presence at the home is gone.

  • @tuliplilly Who is the one that sewed. I feel like I'm being shown a certain dress that makes me think of a wedding.

  • @daliolite Also, guess I'm in channel-mode, getting a few more symbols. There is a young child presence. I'm getting the hands folded, praying symbol which is new for me. It feels like perhaps you might have gone thru something as a child. I got my addiction symbol before this symbol. There are also twins. Getting my symbol for twins. A child praying, perhaps angel praying. I'm not sure how this all fits in but perhaps you can make sense.

  • @daliolite Plz read my previous posts...A lot of child-imagery whether it's a child or child angel. Someone lost a child and could be miscarriage, etc.

  • @tuliplilly I think on some level you sensed Bella's physical unease and wanted her to be in a safe place.

  • @daliolite im not sure. I am a twin, im a fraternal one. Mybrother and I were close until recently. Im not sure where miscarriage comes into play. I think my mom maybe had one? I did loose a cousin, he passed away when I was 4 he was 8. That left a big impression on me.

  • @thecaptain that makes sense. I do think about her from time to time. I visit her as much as I can.

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