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    I was introduced to this person "S" , 6 years ago through mutual friends. Our relationship was always an on and off type. Yes he sometimes made phone calls and messages to me. He never talked about taking relationship to next level, I was and still I am interesting in long term relationship, so I divert my focus on some other marriage proposals, now it is another thing that nothing finalized in my case. From 2017 I didn't talked with him on regular basis. I am looking for my soulmate ( future husband) and again I am feeling attraction towards him. But I am confused that if he is interested in making long term relationship or not.
    If anyone understand this situation kindly guide me. Thanks

  • Can you provide both of your dates of birth?

  • His DOB: 3 March 1992
    Mine: 8 Dec 1988

  • Sara, S is quite the loner type and lacks self-esteem so he may have trouble getting into a relationship. Still the two of you are very compatible, and a love of debate and communication will draw you to each other - this can create a stimulating and supportive union. A love affair here however will tend towards the strange, even to the peculiar. Seldom interested in the straight and narrow, this relationship will go far afield to find what really stimulates and satisfies it, and it will rarely be content with middle-class values. If the two of you deny or ridicule each other’s needs for comfort and security, however - and these needs can be significant - you may be undercutting the relationship’s longevity. In marriage here - which can be much easier than the love affair - the drive for security may well emerge even more strongly, often bringing about a marked change in both your values. Should you two have children, they will undoubtedly appreciate the value of a settled domestic life still more. Achieving financial stability is an important challenge for this marriage to face then.

    But S's lack of confidence especially in love matters can mean that he finds it hard to believe anyone could want him and thus a love affair will be very difficult to create here unless he gets a lot of loving reassurance.

  • @thecaptain thanks you explain very well, I really want to hear this. You are right I think he is different when it comes to marriage. Financial stability is very important in long term relationship, otherwise you know what happens. Whenever in past I talked to him he never talked about marriage nor he shared any future plans. So I think it is best to move on from this relationship 😊. Thanks for your guidance.

  • @thecaptain
    good reading again
    to the point

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