Alignment Quiz

  • Are you in full alignment with your goal, maybe already attracting it? Take this quiz to find out how close you are to manifesting what you want. You may have several goals, but you should only do the quiz with one desired outcome at a time in mind. Be specific. Correct Example: More money or $1000 more a month. Wrong Example: I want more money, a happy family and a better career. Repeat the quiz for every different goal or desired outcome.

    Question 1: Let's say you JUST manifested what you wanted in your life 5 minutes ago ... how would you feel?
    A. Happy and gratuitous.
    B. Excited and eager.
    C. Fulfilled and satisfied.
    D. Accomplished.
    E. Contentment and peace.

    Question 2: How often do you feel the emotions from question one in your day-to-day life?
    A. Never.
    B. Not often.
    C. Now and then.
    D. Most days.
    E. All day everyday.

    Question 3: Where are you right now in this area of your life (for example, if you are manifesting more money, how are you right now financially in life)?
    A. I can't stand where I am right now, I would do anything to get out of it. It is uncomfortable and scary.
    B. I am not happy with where I am. It is not pleasing.
    C. I want this area of my life to change but I am ok at the moment.
    D. I am alright. Change would be nice but I am perfectly fine where I am.
    E. I am at peace with where I am and change, while wanted, is not necessary for me to live a happy life.

    Question 4: How do you FEEL about where you are right now in this particular subject?
    A. I am experiencing fear, depression and/or despair.
    B. I am experiencing anger and insecurity.
    C. I am experiencing a bit of worry, doubt but occasionally have my moments of peace and reassurance.
    D. I am experiencing contentment, hope and optimism.
    E. I am experiencing joy, appreciation and enthusiasm right now in this area of my life.

    Question 5: Standing where you are currently on this subject, and looking at your new wanted Deliberate Creation, how do you judge this manifestation from your present perspective?
    A. This is a huge manifestation. It might be impossible for me to manifest this.
    B. It is a large manifestation. It will be difficult but I can do it with time.
    C. I don't know how it will happen, but is possible, and I will get there some day.
    D. It is more than possible for me to manifest this. I can see it unfolding nicely.
    E. This is a relatively easy manifestation for me. I can see it manifesting as soon as today.

    Question 6: What outside or inside forces do you think are keeping you or limiting you from manifesting this in your life?
    A. It feels like the whole world and everyone in it is keeping me from manifesting this.
    B. I am afraid of judgment. People around me might think less of me or not like me if this manifested.
    C. My skills, drive, knowledge and/or know-how is hindering me slightly in manifesting this, but I can still do it.
    D. Not much is keeping me from this. I need to tweak a few thoughts & emotions, but nothing big is keeping me from it.
    E. Nothing is keeping me from manifesting this in my life.

    Question 7: Why do you want this in your life? What are your reasons for wanting this?
    A. I want this because it will give my life meaning and purpose.
    B. I want this so that people around me will accept me and respect me, and because my life isn't that great right now.
    C. My life is good, but it would be better if this goal manifested.
    D. It would be fun and I would feel good about myself if it manifested.
    E. I want this because it would be fun. It would be a nice experience to have.

    Question 8: What would this creation give you that you don't already have right now?
    A. It will give me everything I don't have: love, joy, fulfillment, security. In other words, it would complete me.
    B. It will give me a lot that I don't have right now. Life would be much better than it is now if it manifested.
    C. I will feel better about my life when I manifest this, but I can't really complain with where I am.
    D. It wouldn't give me much ... just a little more satisfaction and feeling of achievement.
    E. I feel great with where I am now. I am satisfied as I am, it would just be nice to have, but I don't need it.

    Question 9: What would happen if this never manifested ?
    A. 'I will be forever incomplete. Life might lose its' meaning if I don't get this.'
    B. 'I would be a burden to my family' or 'I will be a failure,' or 'my life would be miserable and joyless.'
    C. 'Life would still go on ... it would just not be as fulfilling.'
    D. 'Life would be OK -. I would find my way' or 'I don't see this not manifesting.'
    E. 'I will be undiminished whether or not this manifests. It would add value, but I am happy as I am.'

    Question 10: How strong is your attachment to the outcome or manifestation of this creation?
    A. Very strong. I need it to manifest/I can't live without it.
    B. Strong. My happiness and peace-of-mind depends on this manifesting.
    C. Average. I really want it to manifest, but I will get over it if it doesn't.
    D. Not strong. I am happy with or without it. It would be nice to have it though.
    E. Whether or not this manifests, my happiness doesn't rely on it. I am happy either way.

    Question 11: How often do you focus on this goal AND feel good while you focus on it?
    A. Every time I focus on this desired outcome, I feel scared and stressed. I never feel good when I focus on this goal.
    B. I mostly feel stressed when I focus on this goal. It is rare that I can focus on it and feel good.
    C. When I focus on this goal, I sometimes feel good and sometimes feel scared. It's about a 50/50 chance of feeling good.
    D. I focus on this goal at least once a week and I feel good focusing on it most days.
    E. I feel great every time I focus on this goal, and I focus on it or think about it at least once a day.

    1 for every A answer.
    2 for every B answer.
    3 for every C answer.
    4 for every D answer.
    5 for ever E answer.

    If your total score is: 11 - 22 points
    If you scored here, realize this is just a place to start! You are at the beginning of your journey towards mastering yourself and manifesting what you want. This is where most of us begin. So enjoy it! Enjoy the journey. Regardless of where you are starting, you can achieve the results you are wanting. You will just need to pay very close attention to how you feel and what you spend most of your time reading, looking at, talking about, thinking about and feeling. As you notice where you are, you must do whatever you can to find a better feeling thought. It is important that you look around and think of things you are grateful for right now. You see, the more you put your attention on what is unwanted, the more you get of that. The more you can shift your attention even just a little bit to feeling better, then things will improve and improve and improve. That vibrational improvement will get you closer and closer to manifesting what you want in life.

    If your total score is: 23 - 33 points
    As you become aware of our limitations you can work to improve them because they are just indicators of past thoughts and old energy patterns and habits. Feel good about yourself if you scored here. The fact that you did this quiz at all says a lot about where you are in your manifesting. You are asking and the Universe is answering. You have a much better awareness now of where you are on all that you are wanting and you can now take steps to improve and get closer and closer to what you are wanting in your life. Mastering your life takes improving your vibration from within, instead of reacting to what happens outside of you. You need to learn more about how you currently get what you get in life and then how to take steps to improve that. You can begin by feeling gratitude twice daily for all you have now and also pay attention to where you put your attention. Find better, positive things to read, think about and talk about.

    If your total score is: 34 - 44 points
    Falling in this range is part of the journey of Deliberate Creation. Many of us (including the people who scored higher) have experienced moving in and out of alignment before on certain subjects, and this is a good place to be. At times, you feel good about what it is you want, and at times you may slip into feeling fear, anxiety or disbelief. It is normal and this is nothing to be ashamed of. It is also important to realize that negative emotions are just indicators of where you are now and that they can be improved. Once you notice them and see where you are compared to where you want to be, you can move forward by finding a better feeling thought. These emotions are just pointing to habits of thoughts on this subject that isn’t in alignment with your higher self, yet. What you can do to come more into alignment with what is wanted is to feel gratitude for all you have right now and to imagine how great it would feel if you had what you are wanting. When you can feel “as if” you already have what it is you are wanting, then you can begin to match it and attract it into manifested form. Pay attention to how you feel when you focus on it, and practice feeling good about this topic. When you catch yourself thinking a thought that doesn’t feel good or align to what you want, find a better feeling thought to think about. Do this repeatedly until you find yourself feeling better and better about what it is you are wanting to manifesting.

    If your total score is: 45 - 55 points
    If you fell in this range, then congratulations! You may have a little resistance from time to time, but for the most part you most probably feel fine with where you are and feel good about what it is you want to manifest. You might sometimes slip into wanting your creation a little too much which will create out-of-alignment feelings, but nothing too dramatic. For example, if you would like to create something within a time frame, and you feel stressed about it instead of eager or excited, this would be an example of having an attachment to the outcome which is a symptom of being out of alignment. Or if you are fine with where you are but would feel let down if what you wanted didn’t manifest; this is also an indication that you have slipped out of alignment. Alignment happens effortlessly when there is no attachment. Paying more attention to your emotions will greatly support you in coming more and more into alignment with what you want. When you notice you are out of alignment, don’t panic. Just allow those emotions and find a bit better feeling thought. Imagine those emotions just flowing away from you. Wave goodbye to them as they leave you and think of things that feel better. Choose to focus more on a positive outcome and do this daily. If you find yourself focusing and worrying about your manifestation, get off the subject and think about something you are grateful for. For the most part, you are doing very well and you have nothing to fear. Practice feeling more secure where you are now, and feeling gratitude for what you enjoy in your life now. You are well on your way. Keep up the great work!

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