Help interpreting a reading.

  • Since February of this year, I have been recently been talking to an old friend from middle school because we matched on Tinder. In July, i told him I had feelings for him for him and he rejected me, because he plans to move soon. He still wants to hang with me though. We tried to hang twice before but something always came up and we had to cancel. Anyway, his best friend added me on Snapchat in May and his best friend has been looking at my Snapchat story. So, I asked tarot what his friend would like to tell me.0_1567483259323_A91F2609-C056-4EED-BD71-5C9F22A09FEC.jpeg I think his friend trying to help him with us meeting. But I’m confused with the lovers reversed and the the sun upright.

  • @bluangel27
    What I see in this card spread is a lot of wishful thinking. The King of cups says to me that too much power has been given to a situation or person. The card puller is ready to go beyond trust issues and fears but is still playing it safe in fantasy. Time is being wasted as this persons path is calling to put energy into more productive realities. The positive message is this person is ready but must make this leap out of a past pattern. Leave the comfort zone of living in your head and give up enjoying the tingles and dreams of romantic distraction. There is an element of deception. Could be self deception or the reality of who the love object really is....probably both. Something more is being offered you towards growth and happiness but you must give up something first and let opportunity come to you. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon So, should I give up on the relationship with the guy or not to be focused on him and focus on other things?

  • @bluangel27
    Don't read so much into the friend adding you on Snapchat. In fact, don't put so much energy thinking about the situation all together! The fact that something always came up and your plans to get together were cancelled is the key to your situation. If he truly wanted to see you he would have. Tinder and the like are a way to get introduced to people, not the basis of a relationship. If it doesn't quickly move to a let's get together and meet in person then you should move on. If you have self respect then people will treat you with respect! And if a man is not showing that he values you, then trust that - don't ignore it or make excuses for them!

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