7 year cycles of life and astrology is this true?

  • The early twentieth century philosopher and mystic Rudolf Steiner conceived of a theory of human development based upon seven year cycles, and linked those cycles to astrology.
    The first seven years of life (0-7 years old) were associated with the Moon. During this time, the psychic forces are working to transform the body of the child from one that was inherited from the parents, to one that represents the full personality of the child.
    The second seven years (7-14 years old) is associated with Mercury. At this time, the child’s imagination and feeling life takes centre stage.
    The third seven years (14-21 years old) is associated with Venus, during which time the higher mind of the adolescent takes root, and the psychic development can be disturbed by the strong impulses of puberty.
    The next three seven-year segments are associated with the Sun (21-42 years old), and the elements of sentient soul, intellectual soul, and consciousness soul.
    The next seven-year segment is associated with Mars (42-49 years old), when the soul works hard to impress the full forces of its personality upon the world. At this time, the soul has the opportunity to a higher state of consciousness called Spirit Self.
    The following seven-year segment is associated with Jupiter (49-56 years old), when wisdom is dawning and the ego needs to unfold the Life Spirit.
    The final seven-year period is associated with Saturn (56-63 years old) when Saturn completes its second “return” (e.g. comes back to its position it had at one’s birth), and the soul can manifest an event higher element of Self called Spirit Man.
    For more information, see Steiner’s Karmic Relationships Vol. VII, lecture two.
    For more about the stages of life in different traditions, see Thomas Armstrong, The Human Odyssey: Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life

    Suggestions on what happens for the rest of the time.

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  • AGES 63 TO 70. A Time of Harvesting and Spreading the Wealth.
    This period is a time of blessing, grace, and opportunity. In traditional communities, these were the elders, those who were turned to for their wisdom, vision, and intuitive gifts. We have been freed from the struggles of life. Yet, we may still have considerable energy and vitality. We are teachers, advisors, guides, and sources of inspiration to others. This is the period when we wish to give back to the those who come after us, and are still embroiled in the struggles of life. It is a time of great power and reward. We still care deeply about the struggles of others, yet we are no longer bound by those struggles ourselves. Our main tether to society is our love and caring and the knowledge that others still need the gift of our experience, wisdom, and guidance.

    AGES 7O AND BEYOND. Reflection.
    During this period, you are no longer bound by any responsibility to others. It is a time when you assess and take stock of your life, reflecting on the past, and experiencing the richness of the present. You are at the threshold of rebirth into the next world and you are preparing yourself for that next adventure. You are awaiting the call.

    There are blessings at every stage of life. All traditional cultures maintained that life improved as we go older. That is not the message so many of us are given in this youth-oriented world of ours. Nevertheless, there is still truth in what Steiner and others have said – that the best years are ahead of us, if we follow the dictates of the heart and develop the awesome powers of our souls.

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