totally confused with reading can anyone else explain to idiot(me) ty

  • Question:
    What must I do now to get help in sorting the deluge of problems which have appeared on my plate this year?

    2 of Swords
    You need to move forward but are too wary of getting hurt . You have had some nasty experiences but now it’s time for action.
    Judgement Reverse
    You are not being realistic, accepting your change of circumstances
    2 of Pentacles
    You are at a crossroads undeciding and in two minds .
    8 of Wands Reverse
    You are feeling conflicted.
    7 of Pentacles
    You are not listening to your heart, again waiting for things to happen, refusing to change to your new situation.

    All this reading is doing to confirming what I know and it does not help me plan for the future.

    ty for your help.


  • I will take a crack at an interpretation. It looks like the center 6 cards for a Celtic Cross layout. So I would look at in that light and say that

    Your question or concern is covered by Judgment.
    Crossed by the Seven of Pentacles.

    So, your concern is related to some sort of brand new beginning, and is challenged or connected to something unknown that is a RESULT of your life situation, not connected to your personal choices or agendas. So, seeing a Pentacle as a crossing card tells me you should realize that life is bringing about your challenges and if you can simply plow on ahead in trust, all will be well. It sounds like you have something brand new in store for you, but right now it is being challenged by 'life' situations that are a mystery to you or causes questions to arise. But those are being bright about for some reason that may be hidden from you.

    Above is generally considered 'what is best', in this case Death, (which you didn't mention in your text), and that is life repeating in some unusual way. So your best in the matter is to see that all of this is in some sense a repeating of life conditions that may not seem like any kind of life... but it is life, existence, your wonderful existence (although it sounds like you are having some difficulty appreciating the beauty in your frustrations or challenges.

    Below, the eight of wands, would show a basis-foundation on active intentions. So, there is real basis below you (extending back in your life) that wants to go-go-go with some path or intent that you long to experience-discover. My sense about this based on the cards is that you are really trying to discover some 'brand new' direction for your life, but life itself (7 pentacles -challenge, plus Death as 'best').... those are strong indicators that life may first need you to appreciate your frustrations more, and then you can move on, There is a strong sense here that your life is being stalled out for some reason, and then should be moving again soon (two of pentacles ahead).

    The recent past shows some affirming playful 'serious' something, so it seems you recently agreed to something or there was some important affirmation you made toward someone or some situation. I am not sure what that indicates here other than some serious recent history related to agreements, or you were trying to 'play' at something serious, and the fun didn't happen the way you expected.

    Because is on Wands, would seem to show that your intentions should be opened out, and then the 'best' would embrace whatever is happening as being perfect. I know it may not look like what is happening for you is anything super great, but you are on the right track I am sure, just keep going, see the little blessings trying to emerge out of the muck, like little wildflowers growing out of sidewalk cracks. Blessings.

  • @astraangel
    Thank you so much for explaining the cards
    What you have written is so true and worrying as I do not want any frustrations.
    Your use of words are so enjoyable to read.
    Thank you again.
    Take care.

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