The meaning behind The Sun and King of Cups

  • Hola!

    I have a question, what exactly does the Sun and The King of Cups mean together? From my understanding I know the Sun represents love, happiness, family, children, overall a very positive omen card. Now the King of cups I know represents my Husband, he is a Scorpio and I am a Leo we've been trying for a baby since the beginning of this year. I think its crazy because these both cards popped out of my deck while shuffling and they came together. So I know its a huge message just not sure as to what. Another crazy set of cards that keeps popping up is Ace of Cups, Page of Cups, and the Moon. I read this could be a sign of a girl coming, possibly Pisces. Not sure, but here is the more recent tarot readings Ive done, would love to hear some feedback!!1_1566859327792_69850016_373823166641129_6372837353857220608_n.jpg 0_1566859327787_69399803_2353039571452594_6884389880323899392_n.jpg

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