Is this Cancer man done with me?

  • We met through a dating app 4 months ago while he was in town for work, hooked up, great sex, but also crazy good vibes and it struck me that he wanted me to stay the night and cuddle afterwards. I had a gut feeling about him that next morning, but squashed it because I knew he wouldn't be sticking around. Never heard from/reached out to him again.
    A couple months ago he requested to follow me on IG and by this time he was back home, over 2000 miles away. We talked regularly, teased, sent pics, but also there were some instances where we were kind of raw and honest with each other. We found out we have alot in common. There was always this teasing notion of me coming to see him while I was traveling to see a friend. He seemed to go back and forth on whether he wanted me to or not, till one night he messaged at 1am saying please come, he'd adore picking me up from the airport and showing me around.
    The whole week I was there, it was cuddling, kissing, hand holding, deep conversations, meeting his friends, taking pics of us. By the end of of the trip he was moody and would get emotional when I asked what was wrong. He said he wanted a relationship but it seemed like I didnt and was distracted. I did everything i could to make him not feel that way, as i definitely want a relationship too.
    Now that I'm back home though, he's been texting only sporadically, taking a long time to respond and acting not nearly as personal as when I was up there. He insists the feelings are still there and that he just doesnt want to get hurt. But I dont want to get hurt either, and this guy has absolutely won me over.
    I had to take a plan b because of unprotected sex we'd had while I was up there and have been crazy emotional. Yesterday I texted him basically an ultimatum because I was so hurt that he hadn't responded to a text I'd sent him the day before. He snapped at me. Not cutting things off but ended it by saying text me, dont text me. It's all up to you.

    What is going on? Why the sudden change? Am I just one of the girls hes talking to and someone else is getting immediate responses to texts? Does his indifference mean hes done with me? I'm a divorcee, hes 34 and out of a long term relationship. He keeps saying he wants a relationship, but how if he wont talk to me? What do I do?

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