Relationship reading interpretation

  • Hi,

    I’m really new reading tarot cards, so please forgive my inexperience. In researching and reading how to read tarot cards, I was told that a lot of times it was easier to just ask a question while shuffling the cards, and draw one card to answer your question. I had asked if I was going to date my best friend, and wondered if this is something that would ever happen. I drew the 6 of cups. When I looked into detail about romance and what that means, it mainly just talked about the past (and I’ve only been best friends with my friend for almost 2 years…and have known home for about 2 or 3 years)…so I wasn’t sure how it applied to the present or future. But for some reason I really got a strong feeling about this card. People told me I needed more clarity, and should try a relationship spread. However someone I asked told me that they “feel perhaps that this is a good sign. You have a loving relationship with this person already, and you can make your relationship what you both want it it to be. Cups are linked with emotions and 6 is a loving number, a number of marriage.divorce etc.”

    So the next night I asked how do I make my relationship better with my best friend (but meant it into taking things to the next level, which I don’t even know if that’s possible. I did a 3 card spread and indicated that I was doing past, present, and future. I received

    1. Past - The 5 of pentacles reversed (upside down)

    2. Present - Page of pentacles

    3. Future - Ace of cups reversed (upside down)

    I had a lot of trouble interpreting this. I’m guessing since the 5 of pentacles was reversed, it was talking about difficult times ending for us. I felt the page mean there would be new beginnings maybe between us…or like a foundation was being built. While the Ace of cups reversed I was thinking was meaning, since I’ve repressed and keep my emotions about him inside and can’t say anything, perhaps this meant I was going to be able to release them. Someone I consulted said this about my spread:

    “You have what it takes in order to bring it into the next level, the foundations is being laid you just need to build up. DO make sure you have a stable foundation because if you do not do things right you will mess it up. ace of pentacles is kind of iffy. As if you let your desire to make it work and then tried to force it.”

    I would appreciate anyone who could help with this interpretation. I’m in love with my best friend and just want to know if someday we might date. I’m afraid my subjectivity and my inexperience reading might cause me to not interpret this correctly. Any insight anyone could provide would be so greatly appreciated. I thank anyone who responds so much for their time.

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