I believe she's the love of my life, need help....

  • Me and my friend met each other 5 years ago and to me it was love at first sight. She was married so I, "buttoned my lip" and I'd just dream with her. Shortly after she broke up with the dude... He was the fifth dude she has had a serious (long term) relationship with, she never had children with anyone. She has NEVER been "off" a relationship, she's not the type to actually handle loneliness.. all relationships end up REALLY bad, last dude stole ALL their joint bank account money (not in half he took all their savings) when she left (hey she has Saturn on her natal 5th house and Pluto on her 7th house if anyone knows what that means).

    This is the thing.... my numerology is crap, and so it's hers... until one day I decided to play with both our numerology together... mind you, I was born exactly 9 months 4 days after she was born (for those who do not know, that's about the normal gestation time of a baby).

    This is the thing...

    Her birth day is: 6/4/76
    Mine is: 3/8/77

    This is where things get really creepy.....

    6 + 3 = 9 (for the months between me and her)
    4 + 8 = 12 1 + 2 = 3 (for the month I was born)

    Things do get creepier now though....

    9 (months) + 4 (days) = 13 (for the year she was born 7 + 6 = 13) and 1 + 3 is 4. Four is also the day she was born.

    The day she was born (4), two times is my birthday (8). But the scariest of all of these that I do not see any reason to.... the years of our birth:

    76 + 77 = 153 1 + 5 + 3 = 9 months again between her birth and mine.

    According to google there are 277 between her birth and mine. 77 is the year I was born.

    I've told her this... and she has said many times "You and I are eternal siblings, that's what it is".... oh and she is already thinking about divorcing this dude she got married to in 2017. She's messing with me... but God, am I crazy for coming up with these numbers? Is this common? How common is it?

    As for me, I'm still in love, no room for anyone else in my life 😞

    BTW I understand this is NOT the normal couple method numerologists use for compatibility. But they are my own calculations since I met her 5 years ago, and more seem to come up. She lost her grandmother on same day and year that I lost my fiance to cancer (we were about to get married, and SHE had breast cancer when we met... I could go on... OH her new dude has my mother's birthday (not year)... the list goes on and on!!!!!!!

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  • Are those birthdates 6th April and 3rd August or 4th June and 8th March?