Help appreciated

  • Hi everyone I've come to realise I've had my spirtual awakening but have alot of changes happening in my life aat the same.time new boyfriend new family which in all honesty dont believe so I feel slightly isolated but have my mum who understands but feeling like a yoyo at the moment with everything and feel I'm questioned alot of the present.. would appreciate anyone that can help thank you xx

  • @kate these feelings (confusion , stress , a bit worried or upset ?) are all due to your inner self changing , you will feel a bit strange for a while but after you have gotten past this you will feel like a new type of energy surrounding you that you will know how to utilize , you just have to embrace these changes and don’t get down on yourself about those who don’t yet quite believe it, they will one day . I’m seeing the word « bravery » , just be brave! Love and light xx

  • It sounds like you're excited and overwhelmed at the same time, but that's a good thing! Feel blessed these new opportunities are entering your life! Just keep positive! 🙏

  • @jodomi thank you for clarifying this for me. I have said a number of things to my boyfriend and he seems to listen but not respond. Part of me feels I should be on my own so I can rediscover myself. I feel theres so much more and I'm try.g grasp everything. I sometimes feel my boyfriend just agrees or not reply but maybe because he doesnt understand. I know he has loads of love for me. Maybe I'm afraid il lose him? I feel trapped sometimes. Does that make sense.xx

  • @peacekoi thank you yes I do feel both emotions . I feel I'm rediscovering myself and changing again as a person but scared of the person I'm becoming because it's not me. I'm a good person but it's the change. When sid this happen to you and how did u overcome this.xx

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