I'm new here and I would like a love reading please

  • Hi there,
    I need a reading on the guy I have been talking to. We seemed like twin flames and I am getting signs we are through tarot readings, but, he is being very distant with me recently. We use to talk everyday, now it's a few messages every few days. He says he is interested in me but I am losing hope with the way he acts towards me now, cold and distant. I am a Cancer and he is a Sagittarius, he says he's been very busy getting reestablished since moving back here the first of August. I thought if they were your twin flame, nothing would stop them from communicating and being with you. Please help me understand the twin flame/soulmate thing, do I wait on him or do I leave? Thank you

  • @amanda0811
    Who can help @Amanda0811
    Some like to work with yr and yr other half date of birth. So can you provide it.
    Who is available to help
    maybe @MoonraizSunset

  • @amanda0811 hello dear xx I would be happy to help! So I don’t normally need the birthdays but it might help me connect to you both better x

  • Can you supply the birth dates please?

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