• Can I get your insight on my son visiting for about a month, possibly a little longer. We've been estranged past 2yrs although we talk weekly/monthly. He wants to come to get some personal business taken care of. We have been estranged due to his last visit. He wants go back after about a month. He's 36 and a Gemini, if that helps. 06/05/83. Would appreciate your time, ty.

  • @daliolite I feel your son is always 'on the go', either physically, mentally or both. He's a clever talker and a wit. If you can help him to slow down and relax more, it would be very beneficial to him. He needs to learn to worry less and live more. Once he knows how to manage his negativity and uncertainty, his life will be way better.

  • @thecaptain Hi Captain, I know you do astrological readings. Was wondering what the end of this yr and next might hold for him. ty for time and consideration

  • I get "long road". Meaning that both of you have a lot of baggage weighing you down but on the positive side there is the intention to heal on both sides or he would have turned his back for good long time ago. Spirit says living in the moment is your challenge. The past will always be a thorn. What you need is new memories and I see that opportunity will continue to support that but remember the initial advice...long road. Do not expect it all right away. Learn to celebrate the small blessings and good moments and keep gathering good moments. Eventually they will add up. You both have a hard time communicating in a way the other gets. Sometimes he hears something wrong and you do the same. When you feel him squirm a bit after you say something be sure to clear the air right away. And learn to say things in a way that does not suggest it's him or you...just a miscommunication. You think you are saying one thing and he thinks he's hearing something else. Both of you can feel defensive. You just expect a problem to fast. Even though he is an adult you are going to have to be the REAL adult and take the higher road at times. You don't have to always point out his younger naive ideas. You can smile and just know he will learn. Your son is highly intuitive and is not very thrilled with it! He is guilty of tuning out. He can act cold when really he is overwhelmed with his true depth of emotions. If when he is being disrespectful in a not acceptable way it is best to bite your tongue and let his conscious kick in. When left alone he will feel guilty and it may take a few days . But arguments really bring out the worst in him. Keep it simple and don't analyze too much and stay out of the past. Make a goal to create at least one great memory this visit and if you get more celebrate the bonus. Savor the small improvements and changes. it's a process building a closer relationship. Your disappointments will always be equal to your expectations. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon That's what a priest told me before, your disappointments will always be equal to your expectations. He suggested I read a book about expectations, forgot the name of it. At the time I wasn't discussing my son w/him. There is a communication problem. Usually he's thinking my intentions are totally opposite from what I'm thinking. But that's the tip of the iceberg. Generally, we get along. He's also immature. As far as school and learning he's miles ahead of me--smart. He has to look a certain way, dress a certain, etc. As a teenager he was embarrassed to be seen with me and wouldn't go into places w/me which I think is extreme. He had extreme behavior growing-up. I live in the moment and don't bring-up the past. Kids can be expensive but he's not a kid anymore. I will say his last visit cost me about 1,200. or more. You can say he made some mistakes. He has several problems and I don't expect a problem as much as I have to live w/the aftermath. He always will apologize and laugh but I'm stuck picking up the pieces. I don't bring it up but it's required time apart. My sister feels like I should visit him and he should stay where he's at. I'm trying to help him with something and end up with the responsibility of it, literally. It didn't work last time and don't know if it will this time. He wants to stay 1 to 2 months. I'm thinking 4 wks might be a good time frame. He is nostalgic and family means a lot. He has some behaviors that need to be addressed. If you have anything else let me know. As always, TY! Love.

  • This year for your son is a big year of changes and (hopefully) expansion if he can be flexible and roll with the changes - and not fight them or run from them. But it will be a real roller-coaster ride all the same with many ups and downs. For your son, it can be a time of freedom, opportunity and adventure or if he looks at it negatively, of unwanted change and chaos. In such a year of constant change, he may feel fear rather than fearlessness. He hates to be bored though and he certainly won't feel that way this year. He can protect himself from overindulgence and recklessness by embracing the fact he will feel better at the end of the day when he has created and followed a plan, no matter how loosely structured it is. It is a great year for your son to discern what freedom actually means to him and then take steps to bring more of it into his life. Does he want more time? Money? A different job? Different relationship situation? In order for him to 'ride the roller-coaster' this year with success, he must be able to focus and follow through.

    2020 will be a much more settled time for your son. He will be taking on more responsibilities (though he may feel a bit uncomfortable with it) and people may even turn to him for help and support. It will be a happier and more family-oriented year for him and he will be re-evaluating the relationships in his life, starting with his relationship with himself where he may have to let go of old tired attitudes, regrets or fears that aren't serving him. It is like a 'growing up' year after 2019's shakeups caused him to adopt a new (hopefully more positive) attitude to life.. 2020 will be a very fertile time for your son's creativity and he should use his communicative abilities to their fullest.

  • @thecaptain Focus and follow-thru are big needs for him right now. This helps and is beneficial. Will show to him. Neither you or Blmoon indicated any major red flags which is what I was wondering. I have not done a reading as I don't like to read for myself. I will ask for the help of Yahweh. ty for your time. ty for all you do. love.

  • @blmoon Blmoon, It's been one yr this past wk since Mike's passing. His brother called today and was good to talk w/him. I'm planning a trip to Hawaii prob this coming spring. Have felt Mike's presence today. Funny, when I turned on my computer just now showed a picture of Hawaii. He was a very good friend. Thought I would mention this to you. You were able to connect w/him. Awesome.

  • Daliolite, this lifetime needs to be about true communication for your son. His highest soul-expression is one that is logical, inquisitive, and eager for more information. He is 'the curious soul'. Deep down, he possesses this powerful yearning to just learn more. More than most people, the more he knows, the more he grows. But he needs to “know things” in a rational way; by gathering all the facts. In this lifetime, he will be discovering that, in order to evolve, he needs to treat life like an endless classroom, a textbook that never ends. Accessing and embracing his ability to be both a remarkable student and a remarkable teacher is what is going to bring him the most spiritual growth.

    However, objectivity and open-mindedness will be required of him in order to rise above the sometimes overly subjective passions and desires that he can succumb to so easily. He does possess an innate sense of faith, morality, truth, and freedom. He has a naturally adventurous spirit, and a big motivation behind his adventures is to figure out the bigger meanings of everything. But his search for inspiration and truth can often become unbalanced since he is all too prone to blind faith, letting his belief in the Universe become downright naïve, and he is also prone to self-righteousness. He has a deep-seated habit of letting his beliefs and opinions become the “absolute truth”, instead of just one perspective amongst a sea of many different perspectives. In order to grow, he will need to overcome this habit.

    Your son has been on one big philosophical journey. He is a free spirit who thrives on going from one place, one job or one relationship to the next. An addiction to “finding himself” in this sense and discovering a grand sense of meaning and inspiration defines his past. While this made his old existence seem quite exciting and allowed him to live with 'the wind in his hair', it eventually will become a stumbling block for him. A major issue for your son is believing that 'the grass will be greener on the other side', creating an insatiable kind of restlessness that keeps him jumping from one path to the next. He has been too dissatisfied with the mundane and too hungry for something “more.” This craving for more, more, and more drove his old self in many ways. He was an excessive sort of individual who didn’t really understand moderation. This led to an irresponsible streak as well as a compulsion for “gambling”, in many senses of the word. Whether he was at the blackjack table or jumping on some 'get-rich-quick' venture or just taking some wild leap of faith in terms of romance or career, he didn’t let logical considerations hold him back. After all, the Universe was on his side! He may have been such a believer in this that he became quite fanatical or ridiculous. He may even have become very religious. Whether hey was a Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, etc., his belief system always made him think that everything would work out and that his God was on his side. But, such a belief can become all-consuming, to the point where it may have prevented him from being appropriately rational.

    His beliefs also 'invaded' his communication with those around him. Instead of just conversing with other people, he preached to them. So he not only became preoccupied with swaying others over to his side of the fence but became fixated on his version of truth. This ideal of philosophical or religious truth may have led him to be compulsively honest, to the point of tactlessness or foolishness. He likely developed a moral code that was downright rigid. He either never learned how to cultivate a “filter”, giving him no sense of rationale in what to say and what not to say, which led to a pattern of being embarrassingly blunt. Or else he just never learned how to lie. In many ways, this is an admirable thing. But it kept him in a state of naïveté and childishness, feeling as if he could never tell the tiniest fib or that people always wanted to hear his opinions. And, of course, this wasn’t true, which is something that created some social awkwardness and could have made him something of a hypocrite. This state likely lasted into his late twenties or the beginning of his thirties but by now he should be beginning to see that he should be teaching, not preaching. He has to become open to many different ideas, beliefs and ways of life, not just his own. This means understanding how to be both right and wrong, instead of always needing to be right. Such an attitude is his Achilles’ heel. But he has to develop the objectivity to know that what’s right for him is not necessarily right for everyone else. Maybe someone sees his point of view as “wrong” but he doesn’t. Maybe he disagrees with someone else’s ideas, but they are fully convinced they’re right. This is just the ambiguous part of human nature: we all are just trying to do what we think is right. Knowing this will prevent your son from judging others so much, in accordance to his moral code, and make him realize that the “truth” is not absolute. It varies, from person to person. Your son has the power to change other people's minds. But this can only happen when he is just as open to being mentally affected by others, instead of seeing his interactions as only being about him inspiring, uplifting, or directing them. Real communication is a two-way street. He must learn how to effectively communicate with other people and to choose the role of student or listener sometimes instead of 'know-it-all'..

    Your son is here to work through issues involving idealism, independence, and creative energy, finding creative ways to uplift others by first accepting himself, then sharing his vision with those around him. He must confront and overcome hurdles of perfectionism, dependence, childishness, and an underlying insecurity before he can realize and share his larger vision of possibilities. This higher or ‘perfect’ vision may cause him to reject his present reality, but only through acceptance will he incorporate, embrace and include all experiences into his understanding and build the necessary bridges between what is and what may be. He may write or dream, lead or follow; he may sing of bygone days or of future possibilities, but only in focusing his creative energies will he bring 'heaven down to earth'. High ideals are fine, but he must ground them in reality if he is to make a difference in the world. He must also learn to pace himself - just because he is capable of doing lots of things at once doesn’t mean he has to. He also doesn’t have to FIND freedom or high ideals – he has to create them. Your son is an originator, an innovator, and a visionary of the highest degree and he likely feels a very strong sense of service, as if he was here on a mission. He just needs a practical focus – something constructive to do with his high standards. Without a direction, outlet or goal, he will wander aimlessly in a dream world; with a clear direction, he can open doors to the future and point out each person’s highest potential as well as achieve his own.

  • @thecaptain TY, will respond when I've got a little more time.

  • @daliolite
    That's wonderful! Yo are starting to lighten up and enjoy the subtle yet powerful energy of the soul presence. I am so glad you are visiting Hawaii. Michael will most definitely be with you and a big part of his life attitudes will show themselves. That's your journey and his wish for you to actually nurture in yourself the attributes in him you so miss. To find a perfect balance he says for you to be the best of you and develop what you find missing or held back in yourself. I love those little synchronicity hellos like the Hawaii hello on your computer! Those are the times I am grateful for my gift! Aren't we lucky? As for red flags on your son. I think the underlining point of not giving energy to negative expectations here is important at this time. I think you struggle with expectations and boundaries. There really is a fine line between knowing what a person is capable of and where to draw the line of self protection. I raised 4 sons and I get the confusion of staying open to change yet at the same time not wanting to get burned again. Helping in a healthy way is a universal issue yet for sensitives it is even more challenging because we feel and SEE to much and want to save our loved ones from train-wrecks ahead but often we delay essential consequences. MONEY is a both a help yet at times it divides a relationship. Sometimes a child who is ambivalent about intimacy or any closeness with his mother will use debt to sabotage and put distance between you. He will not be aware of his own pattern. I had that with one and every time I gave money I really couldn't afford to lose he would end up being worse off and not pay back which put bad feelings into our relationship and also gave him permission to be self loathing and destructive with himself because otherwise he loved my deeply and we did have a strong bond.. It took me awhile to see the pattern for what it was. I finally had that conversation with him and just said, you know I really think you sabotage intimate relationships by creating offenses that cause distance. On that note I went along time without helping and he stopped asking. I would keep it in the light by saying, I know by the past repeat of the same pattern that this is true, you create distance and you need to work that out on your own journey and I let it go and Spirit said all his issues were tied to his own feelings of no self worth and gathering guilt and in the end he just felt he did not deserve love and THAT was always the biggest energy motivating him. Eventually he did find his way out of that. I told him my motivation was to have a real relationship with him and I just wanted to enjoy him. Mother to son and the being ticked at him was not getting my that. I let go of expectations and felt a true faith that in his own time he would heal himself and any interaction with him I refused to engage in anything but true happy moments. His life did change at about 38 and he let go of a toxic relationship I hated but let be without criticism. I decided his relation reflected his lack of self worth. She was too needy and did not encourage growth in him. A lot of his damage started after the death of his brother ....which can bring out great guilt despite it not being any one's fault. Anyway he is forty now and left his toxic relationship and this new mate is very much right for him and he had a child recently and I have helped him out when I could and he has paid me back. I suspect your son is immature as well and when he let's you down it is part of his dysfunction and a continued struggle inside him that wants you close yet part of his shadow side must push you away. Do not give more than you can afford to give and do make your main focus with him to only enjoy him. I know that is abstract but you will get it.PATIENCE. Also, that priest was wise with the book suggestion! Sounds like a great book!

  • @blmoon I'll respond tomorrow real busy right now.

  • @daliolite My Serenity Prayer
    When I'm late...You are near
    When I stumble...You are near
    When I'm not good enough...You are near
    When I help the outcast...You are near
    When others don't care...You are near
    When I'm misunderstood...You are near
    Wherever I go, everyday...You are near

  • @daliolite
    lovely ty for sharing

  • @daliolite
    YES! that is how I feel too. In my loneliest moments I am never alone. Separating feelings from choice is an act of love. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon yep, separating fee;ings from choice, can totally relate.

  • @blmoon Spirit is showing my a hummingbird in regards to my son. Also, in his spiritual presence in my sleep, it's a very "lite" presence. Any thoughts.

  • @daliolite
    I just sent a dear friend a hummingbird drawing by a Washington state artist who draws wildlife and uses native american symbols and meanings. Can't remember exactly the meaning she wrote on back but it was a very positive greeting of some kind of Harvest ahead. It is a great positive symbol and is considered a spirit animal for some. It can represent a situation were barriers have been lifted towards love. Google it because all the meanings are very interesting! As for a light presence, the hummingbird with it's hovering power is as light as it gets! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon Blessings, dear friend.

  • @daliolite
    I hope you get a real hummingbird visit! They are attracted to the color red. I used to plant red salvia outside my window that goes to the ground and I could watch them hover. They are so beautiful and magical. They love sugar so that's why hummingbird feeders are always red and you put sugar water in them to attract. I do better with real plants. Soon as we get cooler weather I am making a Fairy garden and I should add the red salvia's to my garden! It's been a long while. Sadly, as the building boom goes on here I see less and less of some animals that used to visit. BLESSINGS, BACK AT YOU!

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