Love in the future?

  • Hello all,
    I haven been here for a while and wondering if I could please have a reading? Is there love coming soon? There is a younger guy around me, Troy is he the one I will end up with? Or is it the guy from my past who I still can't get over, he is Paul. Have been single for a long time. When will love find me? thank you!

  • @moonrising
    Please provide dates of birth if you know them as this is mean to help with readings.

    Ok everyone who will do a reading for Moonrising?

    @TheCaptain - one of you parents readings
    @TarotNick - one of you down to earth not romantic readings
    @Jodomi - A love relationship reading
    @MoonraizSunset - upbeat relationship reading

    Hugs and good luck

  • @moonrising birthday please? Love and light x

  • Hi moonrising,

    This is what I picked up,

    You want a change, but I get the feeling you did something in getting a win, negative feeling.
    Don't cling to old ideas... a time for new choices
    Over doing it or too much of something is not always good. Need to think and slow things down...moderation.
    You feel restricted, can't get out of your own way, think and slow things down so you can catch your breath.
    There are obstacles in the way that you will have to fight though.
    There is balance with a new friend.
    If you don't put the effort in how can you succeed? short cuts don't cut it. Go slow and build a foundation...make it strong.
    New goals will be possible, you have to wan't though and work for it.
    Those new goals will allow you to smile.
    If you let the bad thought take you down the wrong will only feel like it snowballs.
    Fight through that and you will see something good.

    Hope that helps,

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