Fears coming out when reading for yourself

  • Has anyone else experienced this? When I read others cards what I see is clear and when reading predictively for the near future most of my readings come true. BUT when I read myself, especially about topics that stress me out or that I fear, everything that I’m afraid of comes out in the cards. Everything from death to spouse cheating to losing all that I have. Whatever I’m afraid of comes out in the cards and they end up literally reading exactly like what I’m afraid of. None of it has happened. The past three years has been highly stressful for me. Starting with the murder of a close relative, one of my own children passing away, and relationship issues that high stressors like that will bring. That said, do you think that whatever cards one pulls are what’s going on no matter what because those are the cards that came out? Or do you think ones mind and fear energy can be so strong that the fears come out into the cards?
    Thank you for reading

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