A reading ,any adds are welcome...(+newbie)

  • Hi there,

    While i am newbie here ,i have been reading Tarot for a long time after not making reading such a long time as nearly 6yrs!

    Here is my question and my interpretation Through Celtic Cross

    The question was : what's gonna happen in next 6 months with my longterm old friend.....(more a than a friend for me...)

    1. 8 of swords

    2. Strength

    3)King of Wands

    4)10 of Swords

    1. 5 of cups ( i always interpret as past. or near past)

    6)2 of Pentacles

    7)Knight of Wands


    9)9 of wands

    10)10 of cups

    Interpretation :

    1. There are obstacles in this circumstance (like your hands are tied...)

    2)On the other hand there is a huge potential ( Strength ) to break these obstacles

    3)The main block(!) is man (consciously thinking) A man with a fiery character , a natural fighter, (that's my partner !)

    4)but unconsciously , i am thinking this friendship is completely over !

    5)Near past,proofing my thoughts it was actually over with disappointments and pain....

    6)Near Future : i will be moving forward smoothly ( i am not sure if i interpreted correct this one)

    1. i see my self as :very impatient,want to get result or anything right away (with 3planets of 3rd house in Aries ,what can i say,,,)

    8)Somehow,either the ambiance or some other people think :there is actually unlimited potential to start over again.

    9)Fear of any action or words ...being on guard

    10)Possible outcome :positive fulfillment,happy times

    I have to admire that i focused on this reading more when i wrote it and i actually feel like "i saw better than before ! cool ! 😄

    If you can share any comments or add anything i DON'T know,i will be happy to read !

    Thank u

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