Hi guys, I'm new here I'm an aquarius seeking help with her gemini boyfriend

  • Hi everyone I'm at a stand still, I've been dating this guy almost a year now, we have alot going on in our own seperate lives but tend to meet up and spend time with each other a few times a week. We are always in contact and text everyday we also already shared the I love you words and been super supportive, he recently just found out his dad has 6 months to live I told him I would be right here by his side and he said as a wife and my women should be.. the connection frew stronger. After asking what he sees our future holding and us building together he then said I knew what I was getting myself into that what I see is what I get and hes mad with me even asking this? I'm lost because I thought we where going somewhere and I love him so very much. He then got hurt at work and blamed it on me because I distracted him with my text message. Now after u apoligize because I dont like seeing him hurt he has ignored me and hasnt responded to any of my messages this is day 2 even when he knows after me telling him some horrific things I had to deal with yesturday and how I'm feeling alone no answer still.. I'm so hurt what's going on and what do I do? Thanks in advance...

  • Can you supply both birth dates please?

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