Hello! :) Can I get a love reading ?

  • Libra woman dealing with cancer man

  • Birthdates please!

  • 6th of july 1993 his, 6th of october 1990 mine

  • @bellanie this relationship is not good for a love affair. It can be non-sharing, uncommunicative and difficult. At root here is a certain mistrust: in your own unique ways, each of you has a pretty good understanding of human beings, and as a pair you don’t much like exposing yourselves to public scrutiny. In fact, you may not like other people much at all, viewing even the simplest invitation with suspicion. You really see this relationship as a retreat from the world. In love, your physicality is a heavy mixture of passion and sensuality, areas in which neither of you is entirely comfortable. The closer your relationship is to the platonic sphere of friendship, the more comfortable you both will feel. Physical demands can easily be replaced here by more easygoing emotions and a happy-go-lucky feel. Although tensions may arise, it is not beyond the two of you to put these tensions to work in forwarding shared causes.

    Companionship or an undemanding acquaintanceship is likely the most realistic and lasting possibility for the two of you. The social demands of these kinds of relationships will be easier for you to meet, and no blame or guilt need surface should you spend a long time apart. A more distant friendship will also be a safety valve when social demands elsewhere are heavy and the two of you need an entertaining and nonjudgmental retreat from the world.

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