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  • Hello,
    I need some clarification from astrological point of view. Overall at this stage, life taught me so hard lessons regarding each area job, marriage issues, health, relationships, education so when things will work for me? Do I have greater time ahead? Or still I have to wait and be patient. Thanks
    Here is my detail:
    Gender: Female
    DOB: 8 Dec 1988
    Time of Birth: 7:30 am
    POB: Kotli (33.5008° N, 73.9007° E), Pakistan

  • This is a year of big changes and expansion for you if you don't sit back and wait for things to happen. You have to go out there and get what you want for yourself. But you can have trouble being responsible so you need to discipline yourself to work for your goals. The trouble is that the 'perfect' fulfillment you seek is unobtainable, and this can cause you to become panicked or confused in your search for stimulation. Relaxing your expectations of perfection and understanding that imperfection is the natural human state is essential for your psychological growth.

    Until the age of forty-three, you will need to emphasize order or structure in your life; you should take advantage of any opportunities presented to you to be more practical. This is because you don’t always direct your wild impulsive energy well, and your lack of good judgment can cause you to get involved in relationships or situations that are destructive or obsessive. After the age of forty-four, you will reach another turning point, and this time you will feel a growing need to develop your individuality and be less dependent on others for help and support.

    Whatever age you are, however, the key to your potential for happiness and success is to be more cautious and aware in your approach to people and situations so that your passionate intensity does not overpower your common sense. With a little more realism added to your stunning repertoire of creativity and idealism, you will find the fulfilling passion you have been searching for all your life, in the process bringing great happiness to other people as well.

    This lifetime for you is about rising above limitations to become a more evolved person. You are basically on a mission to find your spirituality. There is something very faithful, ethereal, and imaginative deep down within your soul, that you must express and embrace. In order to do this, you have to learn how to deal with the negative habits that are holding you back. You have a certain comfort zone that desires order and organization. On the one hand, you possess a natural gift for self-discipline, humble and productive service, and intelligently assessing what’s happening around you. But, these innate talents can very easily get skewed when you’re operating from an unbalanced place. Then, you will be the eternal 'nag' or exhausted workaholic, feeling like nothing and no one is ever good enough, including yourself. You may hold yourself back by being mercilessly hard on yourself. Unfortunately, this attitude will eventually be directed toward other people. Even if you don’t voice your criticisms, they might still feel the weight of your judging, likely revolving around your occupation, to one degree or another.

    Inside you, there is a yearning to let go, to release your worries and tensions, to just be swept away by something greater. In many ways, you will fulfill your greatest potential by learning how to lose yourself. That doesn't mean losing yourself entirely, of course. The wonderful thing is that, instead of being a poor, pitiful, overwhelmed lost soul, you are learning how to lose yourself in ways that are full of purpose and meaning. You may get to the point where you chuck your old work and life in and become an artist or creative achiever of some sort. Something must pull you out of that comfort zone of having to be so practical and so analytical. When you lose yourself in art, either in the creation or the appreciation of it, you have to release preconceived notions and just be willing to flow wherever the 'waves of imagination' take you. The less you worry about the predictable, daily rhythms, the more you will strengthen your imagination. It cannot flourish if you are too bound to routine. There is this yearning inside of your soul to be an artist of some kind, whether you’re literally creating art or you’re just making an art of your everyday life. But, this art will have no true life force or energy behind it if you remain stuck in the details. If you are letting your doubts take over by judging what you do too much, then your imagination will wither. If you find the inspiration within to just release those rigid ideas of right and wrong, the latent artist inside of you will rise beautifully to the surface.

    You do sincerely want to help people, but your idea of helping them too often becomes a way of “fixing” them or “correcting” them. But people are not like computers or objects. They cannot be fixed or repaired; at least, not by another person. It’s up to them to change. Your compulsion of turning people into projects all too often can lead you into relationships where you’re obsessively trying to change someone. However, that’s not up to you. Understanding that, sometimes, you just have to let the Higher Power solve things is a very powerful concept for you. That’s why it’s necessary for you to believe in one. You’re off-path if you can’t embrace some sort of spiritual concept. This will show you that you do not have to solve everything. Sometimes, you must simply release the problem and let the Creator solve it. Let go and let God (whatever your version of God might be). Therefore, in relationships with others, you can simply accept where the other person is on their path of development, and figure out a way to deal with them. This is the balanced expression of your true nature: not trying to correct everyone but simply correcting the way in which you deal with people. Not judging them or picking them apart, just making a practical decision on how the relationship with them should go. Healing happens for you on a really powerful level. You have a high sensitivity to energy, much more than you realize. That’s why feeding on stress and anxiety is so horrible for you. It’s not exactly good for anyone but you have a much more fragile system than most. The expression of your higher self can bring you to a level of peace and tranquility. Your sharp observational skills will allow you to understand when you’re in this “zone.” Stay constantly aware of when your energy is feeling off. You might be absorbing something harmful and toxic from something or someone, and will need to get yourself some space. You can develop a strong self-discipline by your understanding of when and how to keep your psychic boundaries strong.

    You are here to work through issues of creativity while learning to trust the wise and beautiful spirit inside yourself and others, and to apply your inner gifts to create more harmony in the world. You may satisfy your life path in the world at large as a well-known person of influence or you can fulfil your destiny equally well within a circle of friends or a smaller community. However, it may take you some time to open up and trust yourself or the process of your life. You have a sensitive, private disposition and must overcome deeply rooted insecurity. A sense of trust will become the touchstone of your life. You will learn some useful lessons about the human foibles of spiritual teachers and the importance of trusting your own ‘inner guide’. When you recognize that you helped create the drama of past betrayals, you will learn to appreciate the roles played by others for your long-range evolution, whether intentional or not. You may not feel grateful to those who broke your trust, but you can be grateful to a larger Spirit for your new awareness as a result of your experience. As you recognize the power of your hidden expectations, you will change your assumptions and, in doing so, change your life.

  • Hello Captain,
    First of all thank you so much for your time and consideration. You explained each and every aspect very good. Yes I am still learning how to use my energy in positive way. I am also studying spirituality from last year. Yes I feel energies very quickly and sometimes it disturb me a lot. Sometimes I also feel that my role on this planet of earth is Healer because mostly people feel comfortable in my company. I don't do harm to anyone but once someone broke my trust than it is hard like mountain to trust on that person again. Yes this year is full of changes and really I like change now as compared to previous years. I do meditation to calm my mind and pick up positive high vibration from Universe. Another strange thing is that I also see 11:11 or 111 or 1111 very much. Sometimes I got message through dreams also.
    In past I ignored my gut feelings but now I focus a lot on it. I also want to change this bounded routine hope I will be successful. Thank you 😊

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