I want a reading 😊

  • Hi Jodomi,

    I am new and want a reading from you. Thanks

  • @sara hi dear! I’m honored to do so! 🙂 the first thing I’m noticing is a forest and for some reason a fern plant is standing out ,I’m not sure if this plant means something to you in particular, it may just simply be a sign to get out into nature or perhaps you enjoy the forest. Now this is an interesting symbol I saw : I first saw the sun and a bunch of symbols that looked a bit like they could be either a tattoo or on paper and I think it was Japanese writing actually as I recognized a few symbols , so I’m not sure if japan means something to you , perhaps you dream of traveling there or you have a connection to the country through heritage! As far as your future goes, I’m seeing that things are going to go well for you , perhaps you will begin a new job or you are already working a job in the business field , to me it feels like it is something new for you ! I feel that leading up to this point you have worked very hard , to the point of fatigue , to reach a goal that you may have had doubts about completing but I’m happy to tell you those goals will be reach very soon ! Im seeing a Buddha statue now randomly, are you Buddhist perhaps? I hope this reading is helpful and look forward to hearing whether it is or not! Let me know if you have any questions! Love and light xx

  • Hi Jodomi,

    Thank you so much 😊 for your response. I live in an area that is surrounded by forests and yes these days as there is season of moonsoon so there are lots of ferns and greenery. I never travel abroad but sometimes I dream of traveling many countries including Japan. Currently I am not working but yes I want to start a new job. I am not Buddhist but I do study different religions for my knowledge and learning. Your all reading is right about my situation including past hard work. I have some questions:

    1. What do you say about my chances of success in field of teaching and education?
    2. I had gone through a lot regarding relationships still I am single, what do you say about my marriage?
      Here is my detail:
      Gender: Female
      DOB: 8 Dec 1988
      Time of Birth: 7:30 am
      POB: Kotli (33.5008° N, 73.9007° E), Pakistan
      Thanks for your guidance

  • @sara hello dear, glad I could help! I can see a very happy smiling lady in my head now , maybe it’s you ! I believe you have the cheerful and caring personality and qualities that are perfect for teaching , are you wanting to teach in a nursery ? I get the sense you should teach a younger group of children , you would be perfect for it! As far as your love life , I have a sense you will run into the one you are meant to be with in the workplace someone who has a similar mind to yours but a bit more down to earth and relaxed and more reserved (I feel you have a more outgoing and energetic personality) . It may be up to you to make things go forward with this guy so be prepared to make the first move! Hope this is helpful ! Love and light x

  • @jodomi Thank you so much, I really like children and love to teach them. I really appreciate your insights, I will keep these points in my mind regarding that guy 😊.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  • Hi @Jodomi im new here and you seem popular! Can I have a reading?

  • @slew i gave you à reading dear I will copy and paste it here as well in case you can’t find it in the other one, so sorry I didn’t see it at first xx

  • @slew Okay so the first thing that popped in my head and is a bit new to me but it looked like I was seeing an ultrasound, are you or someone close to you pregnant ? If so congratulations ! In relation to that pregnancy I’m seeing pink for a girl x . I see that recently things have been a bit ´rocky’ or crazy for you perhaps with a relationship with your partner , and now things will calm down and go smoothly . I’m seeing a school which could mean you are a teacher or that you are studying something , is that true? I can also see mountains , maybe you live near mountains and enjoy going there and relaxing , it may be a sign from spirit to go out in nature and relax while you can . I hope this was what you needed to hear , let me know if you have any questions love and light xx

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