Can Someone Interpret This Celtic Cross Reading of Mine

  • I've been going through a period of confinement and isolation for the last 7 years. I haven't been outside my house at all. Life for me right now feels like a really dark, lonely dead end. I asked a tarot reader about this and they did a Celtic Cross reading for me and these were the cards I got. I wasn't able to understand their explanation or interpretation. So I'm here hoping to get some answers. I got the reading on August 6th.

    What can I expect in the future based on this reading?

    Can you see a timeframe in it as to when will things change for me?

    With 5 of wands as outcome, is this a positive or negative reading?

    Could the Six of pentacles in the near future mean something else apart from being related to finances? Could it mean that I would be getting help in some other way to come out of my life situation? How soon could the ''near future'' be?

    These are my questions for now


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