Reverse cards are the worst

  • Hello!
    I am new to tarot in general (I’ve only recently found my perfect deck) and I’ve just joined this site because of this damn card.
    I’m a fresh graduate, so I’ve been doing a lot of ‘reaching potential’ spreads and all that jazz.
    I’ve had the reverse star appear multiple times when asking specifically /how/ to reach my potential.

    Surely it’s not as simple as to not do what the card means? (Because surely then I would’ve drawn the upright version)

    Or perhaps it’s that I need to be aware of my habits that lean towards the reverse stars ‘not reaching potential’

    Anyway, any help will be greatly appreciated.
    And tell me, have you got any vexing reverse card stories?

  • @technob
    Since you asked what to DO to reach your potential, the reversed Star would suggest not to just sit around dreaming, wishing, hoping but to add some good old fashioned work toward achieving your goals. It might also be asking you to be more clear on what it is you want to achieve.

  • Oh I see, Almost a ‘stop asking me and just do it already!’ Lmao
    Thank you for your help!

  • I agree on focusing your question towards clarity of purpose. The star for me represents our soul purpose and entitlement of self worth. We each bring something valuable to the earth that no one else can do exactly like we can. Our star is unique. You could be being encouraged to focus on your life purpose. Or if you have been "over seeking" or comparing yourself to others it may be a suggestion to trust your own STAR and it's ok to seek guidance from others but sometimes if we trust our selves our unique talent already has our best answers. BLESSINGS!

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