I think I am ill

  • I just became engaged and I think I may be ill--or maybe I read the info wrong. I am unhappy that I may have to go for treatmant --Maybe it isn't do bad. I have done some treatments before--radiation before--andit wasn't bad. I hope I make it and wonder how my boyfriend may react.

    What should I do.

  • Be honest, brave, and walk with the upmost of grace, dignity, and pride. Your illness does not define you or your relationship, it's merely another step in this hectic place we call life. If this person truly loves you they will be supportive of all you have to go through to take care of yourself, if they walk away once they are informed than it probably wasn't going to ever be a good connection.

    Remember the marital vows are, "For better or worse, for richer and poorer, and in sickness as well in health".

    It sounds to me life you know what lay ahead of you. You can get through this, I will send angels your way...Good luck and keep us informed.

  • risingleo if you beat it once then you know that attitude is very important when you are on your treatments. I am sorry to hear that you may do it again. But I keep saying I beat it once and I will do it again if I end up with it coming back. I wasn't depressed when I went threw mine in o7' just very weak. I am now clear for two years in Dec. and my doctor is watching me close. He said if Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma comes back its usually between 12 and 18 mo.s and I had the last ct done in Aug. So state of mind is so important. I will surround you with the love of the white light and try to help threw this. Hang tough my friend I was third stage B. Just too mean to let it get me. Love and light. Meditate a lot.

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