Help in reading a CC spread appreciated.

  • So I recently did a Celtic spread about my future relations with a certain person from my life. I would greatly appreciate help in reading. Here is what the spread looked like (this time I chose to not do reversed cards).

    1. Present/Self - 3 Wands
    2. Challenge - 3 Cups
    3. Past - Page of Wands
    4. Future - Strength.
    5. Conscious - Ace of Cups
    6. Unconscious - Death
    7. My influence - Queen of Swords
    8. External influence - Fool
    9. Hopes / fears - 4 Pentacles
    10. Outcome - King of swords.

    Not sure how to read some aspects of it and as I said would greatly appreciate some help. If it helps in any way, I'm a capricorn and the person in question is aquarius.

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