My gemini just shut me off his life

  • I met this gemini man, we just draw like a magnet.. our chat like never ending..we had sex and that was fantastic!! We would talk 27/7. One day I decided to surprise him.. then on our chat i said am going to surprise someone.. he asked me who, is it a guy?, where dies he lives, and i gave him a hint only and said it’s a secret I cannot tell.. all of a sudden he said to me “ oh you have a new bf? He got irritated . I said no new bf.. still the one and only.. i sensed he’s already getting annoyed so i told him it’s him..i wanted to surprise. Then he told me he has a lot of thing to sort out in his life ... with his ex gf ..which he never told me before about..he apologized for misleading me.. towards the end i said, that i am three weeks delayed of my monthly period and he said he didn’t cum and that’s the end of chat.. he unfriend me already.. why did he do that..

  • @cancergirl
    Sorry I cannot help
    Having read your message I find that I am very upset.

    To help other who might be able to help maybe you can provide date of birth for yourself and him.

    Good luck and take care

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