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  • @kate this storm will pass very soon , just have to remember to meditate and spirits message for you in the moment is to “breathe” concentrate on your breathing it will help you feel more at ease and grounded and connected with spirit and the earth in general ! Love and lightx

  • @jodomi aww that's lovely I feel that he can be very committed but has a barrier up due to past elements. I get the feeling strong ocean that he wants to be committed to you but is afraid/scared of something holding him back. I feel with reassurance an love from you which I feel you have alot of but also holding back slightly to. I feel that maybe your more confident than him. I think if you told him how u feel he would open up more to you. Communicating I'm getting. Does this make sense. I feel you both could be very happy a d do connect in more ways than your both aware of. I was getting.the word Katsu for a couple days but then u mentioned Japan to me so that makes sense. Also does cheese board resemble anything to you? Keep me updated xx

  • @jodomi thank you I haven't meditated for few weeks but did last night and I feel grounded today. I feel meditation is a very good tool for me. I feel the storm is settilimg but not quite there yet. I ve a feeling about my x husband but unsure what it is.. Do u see anything for him. Lee lane 29.07.1978.
    I asked him to have the children for a extra 2 hours die to me starting work and e refused. What do u see for the future for me in general. I dont mind u being honest and open with me xx

  • @kate wow , yeah that’s spot on ! I do feel he’s hesitant to make a move forward but we definitely share a lot of things in common and get on so well , and have a very strong connection! Yes , I am a bit nervous to express my feelings for him but I do feel that this will maybe give me some incentive to try to say something about it to him , just not sure when I will get that feeling of it being the right moment to say . Hm yes I thought originally he might be more confident of the two of us but I do think he has a bit lower self esteem and talks himself down quite a bit , possibly from past relationships that he’s so negative to himself ! Cheese board , not anything to me at the moment but maybe it will make sense to me later !

  • @kate for your ex husband, I get the sense that he is stressed about something , I have headaches maybe migraines perhaps , so maybe he is not feeling well or is under pressure , maybe he even feels guilty about something he’s been hiding in his life from you or the children . Is he seeing someone else ? I feel there is another woman involved that may not get on well with your kids and them with her .

    For you , I am seeing keys , a set of keys in the hand maybe a symbolism of you getting a new feeling of independence soon or moving on from something , moving out of a state of being , or simply that you are going to move somewhere new literally (or perhaps purchase a new car)! I see the word “progress” as well . For the present I feel you too are also stressed , experiencing headaches and migraines possibly , another reason to continue meditating and to remember, better things are coming soon for you. I feel your boyfriend is not very present lately , have you ended the relationship? Or maybe you will end it soon. Let me know if any of this sounds right to you , love and light xx and also thanks so much for your reading!

  • @jodomi that's great glad it makes sense to you.. I feel there might never be the right moment to say it but... just sitting down having a coffee and talking how he see/plans for future are looking. I feel it's good to talk about everything before you carry on a relationship but dont look to deep into it either. I think you will help him drop his barrier. I'm getting the word sensitive. Maybe theres a certain subject that he might not like to speak about. Xx

  • @jodomi yes that's right.. He does suffer with migraines and the job he has is a very demanding job. You was tight with the brief case too. My decree is being processed with divorce so that makes sense too. According to kids yes there is a new woman called chevone but they haven't met her yet. Will be monitoring this.

    Wow.. I think with the set of keys I am wanting to start driving again. Also the lock my front door is broke so the keys could resemble that also. In relation to my boyfriend I keep having doubts that me and taking on 3 children is too much for him and he reassured me he sticking by my side and not giving up but it does stick in my mind. I take every day has it comes and dont expect too much. I'm grateful for what I have in my life. Thank you for the reading. If i feel anything i will let you know. Xx

  • @kate this makes sense he’s very sensitive, especially talking about his family , yes I would like to talk with him alone for once , it was very difficult this time to get alone time with him but I think next time he is around I will be able to spend time with him alone and talk about things .

  • @kate yes it sounds like this may be a problem with the new lady in his life , maybe he is hiding something from her aboutbhim having children even . Yes the keys I saw had car keys attached so it may be time to start driving again! I will let you know if anything comes up as well thanks!!
    Love and light x

  • @jodomi that's probably right because when we met I wasnt aware he already had 3 children. In total he has 6 children so I think he hiding that he only has 3. I'm going to the doctors this morning has I keep feeling really low having more low days than good days. Xx

  • Hi. I am as well. Will probably do a thread like this at some point but am just looking around and responding to a few posts for now.

  • @kate
    How are you doing?
    If you have time what do you see for me?

  • @jayann hi dear x i know I’m not kate but I’m seeing a rollercoaster and I think it has something to do with how you’ve been feeling lately . Have your emotions been all over the place (like changing from super angry, to extremely sad, to extremely happy)? The message for you is to take a minute from life to be by yourself and breathe , pay attention to your breathing and calm yourself as much as you can , I feel a bit of head pain, do you have a migraine problem or headaches from stress? I feel this stress is all related to work and a bit of family (I’m seeing young children, maybe you have young children or you feel you are with people with childlike behavior ?) I do see things calming down slightly for you in the condition that you take that time for yourself everyday to breathe and relax. I do feel you want to know about romantic situations , maybe you are searching for the one you’re meant to be with and you have become a bit impatient, the message there is to take time and be patient, this will also require you to be in a calm state. Hope this is helpful somehow love and lightxx

  • @jodomi
    no problem
    a big THANK YOU for taking the time in replying.
    you are spot on my life is a rollercoaster one of those new very tall ones (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingda_Ka).
    I am all over the place and very stressed and anxious. The anxiety is so bad I feel physically ill.
    One of my friends is very childlike and she is stressed and it is her birthday soon. Trying to find a birthday present and her Christmas present. She has found her love partner.
    ty for the reading it is helpful
    Take care. 🕺

  • @jayann sorry I've not replied my life is a but up in the air at the moment and I'm not been feeling myself. Once I have sorted myself out I will see what I can see for you. Xx

  • @kate
    no problem
    just take care.
    💙 💚 ❤ 💜 💛

  • @jayann thank you Jayann ❤❤❤

  • @carlos-roberto

  • Hi, hope all is ok. I would really appreciate if someone could do a reading for me please for the coming months. Everything is unclear at the moment and.just need some guidance please many thanks xx

  • @kate
    may I suggest you start a new thread
    so you will have a heading with the request for a reading.
    you will need to provide your date of birth as some readers find it helpful.
    I like reading from @TheCaptain, @TarotNick and relationship @MoonraizSunset
    Others are also good but I like reading the above list.

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