Hello new here

  • @kate sofar it has ! I must say I’m quite happy with how things have been 😀 xx I sense you have been dealing with either storms (maybe the hurricane Dorian even) or that you may be having a rough time at the moment , everything alright ?

  • @jodomi so pleased everything is on going your way. I see the word peace for you. Does this mean anything to you. Well your probably right to be honest my new partner is having doubts about going official and and I have just started college so everything is up in the air while I adapt to it. Xx

  • @kate yes I feel at peace lately! Even though I’m not in the ideal situation I feel good change is on its way for me , am I correct? Ah yes I was sensing it may have something to do with your boyfriend , I do sense him starting to questions things , are you studying some form of law-related field ?

  • @jodomi or business ?

  • @jodomi yes I feel change is on it's way in a good way but feel theres hurdles. I still keep getting horses maybe it's down to the distance a horse can travel . Maybe it resembles something to you. Also promotion the word. Could this be for the partner or maybe a opportunity of some sort. Also I'm getting the impression you like flowers or receive/buy xx

  • @jodomi what are you feeling the outcome may be. I dont mind if it's not what am expecting to be honest. I'm studying catering and hospitality which is probably were the storm came from being he tic/busy in kitchen and have to follow rules health and safety so that make sense. Also I've quit vaping a week tomorrow so for feel like storm dorian lol. Xx

  • @kate I think things will settle and calm soon for you , I do however that things may change in your relationship possibly that things will be on a break for a bit . Catering okay I was seeing a briefcase , maybe that has something to do with your boyfriend and his job though ?

  • @kate I am looking for a different job at the moment and did get an opportunity to do work in something I enjoy very much this month so it may be what you’re seeing with that ! I do like flowers , I have not received any as of late but maybe that will change soon ! But funny thing was , before I even opened this message I was staring at the flowers on my bed covers thinking about flowers ! Interesting , about the horses , I’m still not sure but maybe that has something to do with my guy , it may be some sort of symbolism for him in some way, to me horses mean freedom and allowing your wild side out , I suppose I have been feeling free and have been trying to show my wild side a bit more lately !

  • @kate it’s good you quit vaping it can mess with your breathing! X

  • @kate
    tomorrow will be the 13th

  • @rita_g
    hello and welcome

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kate hello x hope all has been going better for you ! This weekend I will be going to visit my guy (Gianluca) , perhaps you can do me a favor and see how you see things this weekend ending up , and I can tell you if it’s so or not! Thank you , love and light xx

  • @kate
    I was wondering what you see for me in the month of October.
    ty and take care.

  • @jodomi hello unfortunately I'm having a very rough time at the moment with everything. When you said you see a storm you was 100% right. My head is all over the place making decisions and having to give up college. It's been awful past couple.weeks. now I'm looking for employment. Sorry for not replying sooner. I will get round to seeing what I can see for October for you. Xx

  • @kate
    So SORRY to hear that you are not feeling 100%
    take care

  • @jayann thank you I'm having alot of hurdles at the moment.t but feeling I am being tested to possibly make me a stronger person. I will be in touch soon once my head is the right place take care xx

  • @kate oh I’m sorry to hear this , but I do feel this change is needed in your life for what is meant to be for you is coming as well along with this . Things will start to make sense soon enough and will also calm down , love and light xx

  • @jodomi thank you @jodomi, at the moment it feels like a storm. I feel u have a positive October . Have u been dentist recently.. feel maybe a check up or over due. Do you like Chinese food? Tour going to travel places and experience new food. You enjoy travelling and have I feel your very connected to your partner. He is the one I'm getting. Does he have brown hair or is that you. Xx

  • @kate wow yeah! I need to see a dentist and yes I’m going to japan this December!! And he’s the one with brown hair , you feel we are connected too? I do feel that’s the case as well , I just came back from visiting him and it was lovely getting closer to him ! Do you see it becoming more serious sometime or maybe later on? Or do you feel it is serious but maybe he’s shy to say anything?

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