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  • @jodomi that's lovely that's great news you will be visiting him.😀. I'm picking the country Australia does this mean anything? A place he has worked or maybe either talked or considered? Im feeling strong commitments and many challenges ahead. Feel he wants to offer you more but sometimes doesnt communicate this properly. I'm getting the impression he afraid that you might get fed up in the long run due to his job and feel he needs reassurance that you will stand by him. Hes a very loyal person and I think with you by his side you would be perfect soul mates. Xx

  • @kate Australia hm he’s not mentioned it but he wants to end up in a warm place so it makes sense . Ah yes I could see that with him worrying about me feeling that way, and yes he is a bit shy with telling his feelings , so I guess I need to make it clear to him that I will be supportive of him no matter what ! Aw that’s nice xx thank you again!

  • I hope all is well with your mum and your boyfriend that things are becoming easier xx I get a sense that he has been trying a lot to understand your gift but still isn’t quite there with believing in it!

  • @jodomi your very welcome I'm so glad that i can help someone. I feel that's what i was gifted to do.❤ if theres anything else I can help with or if I pick up on something I will let you know xx

  • @jodomi thank you every day a struggle for my mum if am honest and I know this wont improve but will deteriorate over time. Yes you are right he is struggling to understand and is a sceptic really. I'm finding it easier but having some unusually dreams. I have been meditating every evening. Do you meditate to open up your chakras? I saw one about opening up the third eye. Last night I had a spirit who I didnt recognise and it felt as if she was in the room but my eyes were closed. It made me jump a little. Do you get visits from spirits xx

  • @kate ah yes , opening the third eye can open doors to spirits of all kinds and definitely help you give better readings ! Be careful with that however, and always be sure to protect yourself with a mental shield while meditating making sure to only allow positive spirits in and asking your spirit guides and angels to protect you ! Yes I have seen spirits and can usually sense when there are spirits around , but always try to make sure I am protected!

  • @jodomi yes I have done some research about this. I'm just looking for different ways to enhance and help me with what I am going through at the moment. There are so many different types of mediation there endless. I'm hoping I can help others in the future and also help myself become a better version of me and support everyone I care about. Can u reccomend any type of meditation please. I use youtube mainly the guided meditation. Also I just want to say a massive thank you for your help and support because i wouldnt of know what direction to go in. I'm very grateful.❤ xx

  • @Jodomi if you dont mind would you be able to do a reading to see what you get please Lee lane 29/07/78.. I have a uneasy feeling but just want to confirm if I'm correct. Xx

  • @kate no problem ! Is she a person who enjoys numbers maybe works with numbers , maybe even as a teacher ? I do have a sense of anxiety and difficultly breathing maybe due to a panic attack , I feel she may need you to get in contact with her to talk with her about how she’s been feeling , which would explain your uneasy feeling . Spirit’s message to you in fact is “help her” , do what you can!

  • @kate I wouldn’t say I have a very good meditation routine that I do , I just like to close my eyes and pay attention to my breathing and focus on receiving whatever messages spirit has for me ! Hope this is useful for you too xx

  • @jodomi
    ty this will be useful for me.

  • @jodomi thank you the person is my ex. Working with numbers makes sense because he is a coordinator and deals alot with budgets and spends of the company. He does do alot of training other people up in the company so the teacher makes sense. He is a male but probably trains females too. Anxiety properly correct due to the high demanding job and pressure he has working 60 hours a week. I'm am civilised with him for the sake of the children but has caused issues in the past. Thank you. Xx

  • @kate ah okay I should have gone with my original feeling when I thought he was male but doubted myself! I guess you need to get in contact with him to check on how he has been , you have three children? Boys?

  • @jodomi aww that fine I doubt myself aswell but thank you. I have 3 children yes 2 boys and a girl but my daughter is not an average girly. She very sporty so understand were you pick up she may be male. Are you picking anything up. Love and light xx

  • @kate the one thing I kept thinking was about some sort of distance with them and their dad , is this the case ? Do they maybe wish he would try more to be involved in their lives perhaps ?

  • @jodomi yes that's correct basically he doesnt really made the effort with them and I know it bothers them but he will always put work before anything or anyone. I've explained that there dad has a high position and has to work the amount of hours he does but the older 2 are aware of it and tell me what they think. Xx

  • @kate ah yes i see , poor things x

  • @kate i will let you know if I pick up anything else xx

  • @Jodomi aww thank you. Hope everything is working out for you xx

  • Hi guys! I'm new too!

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