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  • @kate My birthday is coming up so that present makes sense ! And yes he’s very much a joker ! Thank you , and don’t worry about how long it took ! You did well!

  • @kate i also got the same feelings from him when I tried to do a reading , but was unsure if I was being biased because I wanted him to have those feelings so it’s interesting to hear you got them as well! I think you are well on your way to being able to give people readings in person ! Very good ! Love and lightx

  • @jodomi your very welcome and I'm grateful that you have helped me so thank you very much. I feel blessed that I can help others. If you dont mind me asking at the moment my find feels a bit dazey is that because I am now starting to use my abilities as I've always know I've had them but when I was married my ex didnt like what I was doing so I shut off completely. Obviously moving on now I feel I can. Sometimes I could be getting on with my day when words or pictures will pop into my head. Do you find this and how do you deal with it. I meditate every night too. Xx

  • @kate yes it happens often and I don’t know what it means but keep it in mind , either writing it down or just remembering it to see if it makes sense to me later , and usually it will later on ! When you feel dazy the best thing to do is to meditate and clear your head of all others feelings , as you seem to be doing XX

  • Good evening @jodomi hope you are well. Thank you I have been remembering stuff and the corkscrew made sense to me the other day. My mum bought a bottle of wine and it had a cork which is unusual because she never buys wine that needs a cork. I've also been having strong visions and contact with my grandad and nan. How often should I practise. I've been talking with my boyfriend and he said i van practise with him but i feel something holding me back. Could you please help me or do you know why I'm feeling this. Xx

  • @kate it’s good that he’s offering you to practice with him! Maybe you feel nervous because you still feel he doesn’t fully believe in it and don’t want to mess up somehow? I’ve often felt that way when trying to give a reading to someone I’m closer to who may not believe ! You just have to let go of that fear and say what pops up in your head , even if it sounds crazy!

  • @kate
    Hi and welcome to the site
    I have been reading what has been written
    If you want to you can practice one me
    No hurry
    Good luck and Take care

  • @Jodomi Yes I'm very grateful that he is willing to practise with me and I think it is fear of failing and maybe him not understanding when I am trying to help him understand. I do get nervous at times.. I hope everything works our in the future. Everything will work out for you too. Xx

  • @jayann thank you very much. I'm seeing a car thays maybe not working properly or theres an issue also seeing the colour red. Also see a small child possibly maybe a toddler also see a small dog short and stumpy friendly but guarded.

  • @kate thank you xx I will be curious to one day try a reading with the guy I have feelings for one day to see how he reacts , I sense that he’s an indigo child or psychic himself! And yes don’t worry, things will work out for you too xx just don’t give up on the readings!

  • @kate
    Thank you for the reading.
    The dog I think is Jamie my friends dog which has taken to guarding me when I visit,
    I will watch out about the car.
    the child could be one of my friends grandchildren
    will keep you posted.

  • @jayann no problem. Happy to help.take care x

  • @jodomi I'm very hopeful for you that the guy you love allows you to do a reading. How would you feel if the outcome wasnt what you expected. I wish you all the love and success. I've been meditating had normal and now for the past 3 days I've been waking up around 3.20am and also saw 333. I feel everything is starting to fall into place for me. Would appreciate if you can let me know how it goes when you decided to read for him. I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment and trying to work out how I can move forward. If I give u a name do you think you could do a reading for me please and see what you get. Christine McIntyre 6 December 1958. Look forward to hearing from you xx

  • @kate 333 is a sign from the angels that you are working with your to make what you dream of happening a reality, very good news! Sure I can see what I come up with for her . I’m getting a feeling that this is a mother figure in your life , either your actual mother or grandmother, who may be very spiritual . I am feeling trouble breathing , which could be anxiety or an actual health related breathing problem , and see a hospital . Do these mean anything to you ? I also feel stress from you when thinking of this woman , are you worried about her being well?

  • @Jodomi thank you for the reading. Did this happen to you at any point? Did you see numbers and is this part of the process? You are so accurate with the reading the lady is my mother and she does suffer alot with anxiety but also smokes so does have problem with her breathing. That's amazing you are wonderful. I do worry alot about the future and how everything will work out. Xx

  • @kate yes I constantly see number like 333 222 111 and 555 which are all messages from the angels , I use them to guide me through life when I’m feeling I need help with a situation or if I’m unsure of my intuition being right that’s when I usually ask them for a sign and they will send it! I hope your mother will be better the anxiety she has is quite strong! Let me know if you have any other questions as well ! Can you tell me if you can see me visiting my guy soon or if it will happen later ? Love and light x

  • @jayann I've had a few more and just thought I'd share this with you. Does ribbon mean anything? Perhaps one of the children were ribbon maybe. A date o f 13 match does this mean anything to you. I feel my heart is racing and feeling overwhelmed by something. I also see alot of people whether its family or you lead a busy lifestyle. I'm also getting a little boy playing but seems very shy and doesnt like a fuss.. Hope I can help and this makes sense xx

  • @jodomi I've got vision a man who maybe has a job that's he committed to and seems to be very dedicated. I feel he wants to offer more and travel but feels restricted I feel he wants to commit and I feel frustrated. He wants to be closer and is eager to spend more time with you but is trying to juggle everything. Does this make sense. I think it's about balance on his behalf and thats what he possibly could be trying to do. I feel he is an important part/role where he is. I also feel he sort of torn between both and wants to be in two places at once. I hope this makes sense. Xx

  • @kate yes ! He’s currently working in a different country than me and all of his family lives in this country I’m in along with his life , so I do believe that he feels torn in that sense ! I am visiting him at the end of the month to see how things are for him and between us , I’m glad to hear he feels something for me , thank xx

  • @kate but do you see it being maybe someone I’m meant to be with, maybe even my soulmate?

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