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  • @kate
    Hi Kate,
    This is what I picked up,

    A reminder of who you are, you can be kind but firm, quick witted. Use that as a strength to yourself.
    There is something you don't trust, worry if you are doing the right thing.
    It is hitting your heart strings... a feeling of jealously.
    Your mind is drifting with thoughts...focus on what you can...think of what you want...not what could have happened.
    Be strong in your conviction...think it though.
    You have conflicting thoughts and they are at the opposite ends of what you want.
    Pay attention to what you want
    You have a choice to make.
    Don't let your head get in the way...or the what if's...Don't be prideful.
    Watch your emotions they will swing, be calm and thoughtful if you can, it will be hard to do.
    You will make what you want to happen...you will use your skills to see it done.

    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick
    ty so much TarotNick for replying.

  • @tarotnick thank you for your response. This make sense to me at the moment. My emotions have been all over the place due to unexpected hurdles and I feel I am being tested at the moment.quick witted not sure what u mean by this and strong conviction? I am a worrier so do over think stuff too. I'm a very indecisive person too.

  • @jayann Thank you very much. I will start a new thread. Xx

  • @kate
    That is what I picked up that you are not sure and its hard to make a decision. Think of what you want and why...plan what you want then you will feel that you have a. direction...other wise you may waffle back and forth which doesn't help. Instead of taking ten steps forward you are doing 30 steps because you take one forward and then one right and then left before you can go forward again...just a metaphor but you get the idea.

  • @tarotnick Your spot on Nick. I've alot of decisions to make at the moment. I feel I have so much more to offer but unsure how to get there. I think a plan is a great idea thank you. I do tend to live life in the fast lane and really need to slow down. I worry about my partner and If me and him will be strong enough to get through the hurdles. We have has so much to deal with past 3 months.

  • @kate the storm I described is happening for you right now , you need to slow down a bit and think carefully before making any rash decisions , and things should calm themselves

  • @jodomi yes @jodomi it has been a constant storm for around 7 weeks. I've had to make a number of decisions. I've had to give up college course due to my partner having a property what he rents out which the tenant pays for the mortgage on house. So I'm not entitled to nothing. I had to get a job for an income. My children are up and down with my partner and I'm think of ending the relationship because the children are up and down with my partner. They like him but because it's not there biological father it's different for them. I feel I'm at crossroad with everything. Xx

  • @Jodomi also I've had issues with my right groin for about 5 months which I did when training. I m having physio but it doesnt seem to be helping. Thank you @jodomi xx

  • @kate remember the guy? Apparently he only views me as a good friend 😞 nothing more

  • @jodomi
    friends are good
    sometimes they become forever people eg Prince William and Catherine

  • @kate
    so sorry to hear that.

  • @jodomi I'm so sorry to hear that everything didnt work put has you would of liked. Trust me there true love out there for everyone. It's taking me a long time too find a person who I can be myself with and he loves me regardless. You will find that too.❤

  • @jayann thank you ❤

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