Cancer men are usual!

  • Silana, reminds me of the Gwen Stefani song, I Ain't no Holler Back Girl", you rule!

  • if247 I think he is trying to keep the peace with his ex because they have a child together and that is hard to do if she is crazy. Dont add pressure to him by questioning his motives. Pulling away from you gives him time to sort through his maze of emotions so he can have a nice time when you are together. Its hard enough trying to raise a child with someone that you are not with anymore. Especially when that person has mental issues. Give the guy a break. If he is a good dad and a good boyfriend than relax and stop letting this woman get to you. She is obviously trying to drive the 2 of you apart. IF your boyfriend sees you getting all upset about his ex that he has to deal with on a regular basis because of the kid hes going to wonder if you can handle it. Let him and deal with the ex. You just keep it together and stay positive about your relationship. Hes with you. If he wanted to be with her he would be. He was with her long enough to know its not going to work. Ignore her comments and be happy you have the love of a cancer man. I love my ex cancer boyfriend always will. But I drove him away from me with my own insecurities, I made him feel like all the things he was trying to do for me werent appreciated or noticed because I was always questioning his love for me. He got sick of trying to prove himself and moved on. I was insecure because I was so deep in love and afraid of losing him. Dont let fear take the wheel. It wont work out for you. Slow down and start recognizing the love he has for you before its too late.

  • I agree with lovininmylife. also why do u always blame the guy for all faults? what about ur own ladies? easier to blame the guy ain it? instead of saying ok he has his but i have mine let me look at my flaws.

    same song on many threads, he is to blame n i as woman is blameless. sickens me!

  • Bente I have been thinking the same thing. As women I think we are just more vocal about it. I think men just usually write it off as us being irrational with our emotions which sometimes they really are irrational feelings arent they?

  • Yes they are. Another thing i have noticed, the threads regard men is like our lives, as women, is evolved around this one guy, cancer, taurus, libra, aquarious or leo n pisces male.

    If thats the case we have lost the battle of love n all that goes along in our lives.

    Im just fed up with women whining. Whining the man doesnt court em the way they want to b courted in, Whining when women think their men messes up. No one realizes it takes 2 to tango n make a relationship work. Yes men can be assholes but come on loads of times it us women that are the true nasty bitches. We are NEVER satisfied. is this how we want future women see us? as whining never satisfied nasty bitches?

    I for one am proud to stand up n say right now. Im a bitch, ive been a whining bitch to the men i like n love. Ive messed it up with being too pushy n too whiny. Ive made a hige mistake of allowing my life evolve around men. Ive been one whiny nasty bitch and i am SO proud n happy to say i aont one anymore.

    I give my men space n time. I let them control the pace of the friendship n relationship. My world doesnt evolve around them at all but around me as me. N i can say, in the last year i have come FURTHER than EVER before with the men i love than i have in past.

    I have my flaws my faults n i have faced them n asked i wanna change these so here goes. Not easy but can be done, n let me tell u all, it is LIBERATING!!!

    So unless ya ladies wanna struggle for the WHINY BITCHY NASTY BITCH award of the year, face ya flaws n faults n ask it may very well be me that creates this, how can i change me?

  • I am Cancer.I recently tried to email a classmate I met on Classmates.He is also Cancer.Ladies.. do not feel bad about hatin'a Cancer man.I cannot deal with a Cancer man's drama myself.And I am a Cancer.The Cancer man leaves me getting old and tired.Too much damn drama.They constantly change their email and no way to make it easy to communicate with them.Now..I like my privacy like the next person.But, I do not make it impossible to reach.If we want to be found we will contact you.Not sending you across a desert to be found.So..any feelings of being with a Cancer man.Do not fight tooth and nail.Let them wallow a bit.And call it a day to move on..

  • Cancer men are full of drama! I am a cancer involved with a cancer man and I must say, this is the worst relationship. He is a lacker, he do decieving things and don't understand why you get mad at him. Always justifying his actions. I am in the process of moving out. What they say about Cancer men, are totally untrue. This is guy that says he will help take care of me and protect me, but I am the one giving up everything (monies) to help him. They do leave you old and tired to a point you don't want to date any man.

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