Niece’s wedding soon!

  • My favorite niece has her wedding soon and has invited both myself and my ex (along with the rest of his crazy family). I’m wondering if I go, will they make a scene or can they be decent and not ruin my nieces day like they did mine? Could someone please do a reading about this for me? Her wedding is the 24th of this month. As much as I want to support her, I don’t want them ruining her day either (especially if they think they can do it and blame it on me).

    Thank you,

  • The family may try to make trouble for you but you do not have to respond. You have the power in this situation - the power to control yourself. It takes two (or more) people to conduct an argument. Will you stay away from your niece's wedding through fear of conflict? If they disrupt it, that is on them and not on you if you don't join in the drama.

  • @TheCaptain
    I want to go to support her, I’m just worried that them making a scene will get my anxiety going... I think I will go, and leave if there is any trouble. I just want her day to be perfect for her and her husband. Whatever that takes.

  • @hobbles76 other people do not get your anxiety going - you do. You make a choice - conscious or unconscious - about how you react to each person or situation. Once you realize that, you will lose your anxiety.

  • @hobbles76
    Find the wear the best outfit you can find
    the work it until the cows come home
    You will be there for your niece and her alone on the day
    put up two figures to your ex and his extended family but looking fabulous and ignoring them.
    Pretend you are confident if you are not and get in those pictures of the wedding.
    Good Luck

  • @thecaptain
    Thank you Captain. I have not had to physically be around any of those people since January, so I have had way less anxiety since then. I will try to reign it it.

  • @jayann
    Thank you. I’m not necessarily wanting to show off. I just want to be there for this niece as we have a special bond. I’m praying that her day is amazing like her. I truly feel God has his hand over her. She is so special and deserves the best! 🙂 Thank you again.

  • @hobbles76 Just ignore them.Don't respond to anything negative from their side on that day. You must go. Good luck👍🏻

  • You should never worry about other people and think ahead, I think. If only because you can't be responsible for other people. People who love scandals will never give up on a scandal if they have already planned it. However, this day may be the most memorable in your niece's life. Every time you are waiting for an important event that someone may spoil, it is better to think about what kind of atmosphere is expected at the holiday, what photos will turn out in the end, what memories will remain with you all! I really hope the photos were wonderful. I would like to have beautiful wedding photos like the Orlando photographer's works. So that there is some elusive atmosphere of a fairy tale in the photos.👽

  • My wedding is next summer. Hopefully, all's gonna be fine

  • I think that you need to rethink thinking about the little things and just relax. This will help you have a great time and not ruin your niece's mood. By the way, have you already chosen a gift ? If not, then I recommend that you pay attention to the kinetic necklace . Any girl will definitely like such a gift.

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