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    I have been knowing a Taurus man since 2007, we had a casual relationship then. However, I felt we had a special connection, but it never turned into anything serious. Although, I wanted it to, but I never pushed for it or let him know. Fear of rejection. We eventually went our separate ways, moving to different cities, and just stopped talking to each other.

    Fast forward, he reached out to me 10 years later. We texted each other occasionally, just saying hi. I then randomly ended up, moving back to my hometown. Which put me 3 hours away from him, and my new job was sending me to his city for training. I hesitated to let him know I was there, I didn’t know what to expect. I met up with him, and our casual fling started up again. But this time, I had to be honest with myself. I didn’t want another casual relationship with him. I have always had feelings for him, and always wanted for us to go beyond the casual thing. So after months of struggling with it, I decided to tell him how I’ve always felt about him. And it seems after I’ve told him these feelings, that I want more than just a friendship, he’s been distant. I would come to his city all the time and see him, now he’s always busy. But what is confusing, he keeps telling me he’s going to be better with communication and making effort to see me. 7 months have passed, and I have not seen him. And the conversation is so stale, I get Hi, GM, and Hey texting. I told him that the communication has to get better. Again he gives the impression that he’s going to make more effort. And the excuses... he’s busy with work, and he has partial custody of his son, he travels between cities (it was a really bad break up with an ex, that I feel really hurt him). So nothing has changed, and I’m mentally exhausted. So I’ve been ignoring him for the past two weeks. He has reached out to me. And it’s not that I’m playing games, I’m just emotionally drained. I still care about him, but I can’t continue with something stagnant, especially with someone that I have history with. My question is, what do I need to know about my relationship with him? Or any anything that you have insight on? Thank you so much, can’t thank you enough for this reading. I’m mentally exhausted, but still not ready to give up on us.

    Him: Shawn May 7, 1978
    Me: Pamilla June 15, 1979

  • Pamilla, unfortunately I don't see this working out as a long term love relationship. The focus of this teaching/learning relationship is independence, a need that you must learn to express to Shawn and something you must teach and bring out in him as well - a task at which you seem to have succeeded. But there would be problems in a love affair. Shawn has a demanding side and may well react to your need to seek out and follow other interests with an unprecedented degree of anger and possessiveness. The relationship may become a good testing ground for the development of accepting and non-possessive attitudes, a kind of truth test that both of you would eventually have to take if the relationship proceeded. But eventually the test would become too hard and you would split. In marriage, you would prove elusive and have problems binding yourself to your more stolid (and boring at times) spouse. Shawn, who can get seriously involved in marriage, would find it difficult in turn to live with your restlessness.

    An alternative, however, is for Shawn to join you in a friendship based on adventure, travel and other forms of investigation, exploration and learning. Here the theme of independence can refer to the relationship itself, rather than to its two members. A highly independent friendship with few responsibilities can be successful here. The sharing of challenging activities can push the capabilities of both partners to the limit. A love affair can be exciting too but ultimately unfulfilling, especially if of the conventional sort - which is what Shawn would prefer but which you would find lacked excitement or variety.

  • Thank you @TheCaptain very insightful! I guess I’m moving in the right direction by walking away.

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