Capricorn man has got this libra woman twisted. please help

  • I met this man while at the casino playing slots. He smelled so good, I just had to mention to him. Started chatting, I won some money while sitting with him. I believe in paying it forward, so I cashed in the tickeT and handed him 60$, he took it we exchanged numbers and I left. He text me the next day we chatted for awhile, a few days latter I asked him out for dinner. Great dinner conversation though he was 30 mins late meeting me. Now I am 53, he is 44. and come from two different lifestyles and backgrounds. I grew up in Middle class dysfunctional catholic italian bread, he was raised in compton, been to prison, held his baby brother as he died in his arms, has had a hard life. He moved out to Washington state to be around his other brother and get away from LA. I know he drinks a lot though is not physical though he does know what to say to me to make it sting. Its only hurtful if I let hurt me. My life hasn't be a cake walk either and have had my own tramas and misfortunes. At the time we met I hadn't been in a relationship for over 15 years due to a career move. (which I didn't advise him of this tell later in the relationship). After dinner that night we came back to my place and had some great sex. After we would talk on phone and he would come over spend the night he would go to work in the morning and I would go about my day. Then somewhere along the line, it was more and more spending the night. I would find myself thinking about him coming over and what he might want for dinner, worried if he had clean clothes for work, so on and so forth. Then our first fight, disagreement, whatever you want to call it. A girlfriend had used my place to see her boyfriend, and I didn't bother to mention it too him. He found a condom wrapper and so I told him that my friend used my place and it was her not me. after a lecture on having my not so classy friend. we agreed to have better communication towards each other then had make up sex and left it at that. A few nights later he was out (unknown place and I don't ask) and he never text me or called to let me know he wasn't coming home. I stayed up all night. I did text him very few hours with no reply. the next night he does the same thing and has done this many times too me and I over look it then over time it gets my mind going to where I thinking he must be seeing someone why else would he not answering me. Then I start sending text message that are not the best part of me. Though like I said to him, if you would let me know what is going on then this crap could be avoided. Yet he makes me sit here with no word and I start thinking about the worst and then its hard to stop tell he answers me. Just this weekend we got into it again about the same thing. Then when he does come home he twist it around and I turn out to be the .person. Bottom line is he can do no wrong though If I do the same thing I am accused of pushing him away by telling him how I feel about what he does. I like him, he's sexy and great in bed though I really don't think he's all that into me like he says he is. I don't know what to do. my landlord told me a few nights back she had a dream where I was in a long white dress coming down the stairs. Him and I have talked about marriage and kids, though I am not able to have kids no more. I can see in his face when we talk that he would enjoy being a dad again.. plus the baby would be so dame cute. Today he said he was going to call and check up on me and never did, I text him whats up? and didn't reply for over an hour, when he did get back I ask what if any plans did he have and he replied " Don't know yet, and you?
    Im thinking you SOB, is that wrong?

  • Don't be fooling yourself that there is a future here for you with this inconsiderate loser. Meanwhile, a real nice man is waiting out there for you but you are not free to meet him. Dump the bum and move on! Do you seriously think you can change him? Guys like this only get worse. And stop telling yourself that you are too old or unattractive to find anyone else.

  • @libralady
    I hope things are better for you now
    Were you just venting or did you want or need a reading?
    If you want a reading you will need to ask and provide date of births.

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  • You do not need this in your life.some one who does this to you is not what you deserve.
    Do not even think of marrying this one,he will cause you nothing but grief and pain.
    Sexy and good in bed is not worth putting up with this.
    He thinks that because he is younger that he is doing you a favor and will only keep taking advantage of you.
    look around for a man near your own age,many good ones around if you open your eyes

  • Capricorns can be very distant while in a relationship needing their personal freedom and their personal "me time"

    And they also move really slow

    I should know i'm also a Capricorn Male...

    But, This dude just sounds flakey and should become a think of the past for you

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