Can you help me read this? I'm so confused!

  • So, I got these cards:

    1.How he sees me: three of swords
    2:His feelings for me: the world
    3.His intentions towards me: 3 of wands
    4.Possible outcome for us: the Chariot

    We are not in a commited reltionship yet, and he is cancer.

    I interpreted this two ways: He hurt me in the past(three of swords) but I mean the world to him (world) ,we are long distance,(3 of wands) and we will move forward together in a higher level of commitment(chariot) he will come to me.

    Or in a negative way:
    How he sees me (three of swords) he is over it
    Fellings: (the world) it's a finished chapter
    His Intentions ( 3 of wands) He is looking for something better, and he will move to a different direction (Chariot)

    I tried to clarify with a Romance Angels oracle card, and I pulled Romantic feelings. ( Your feelings are real and worth exploring)
    What are your thoughts?

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