Sagittarius/Capricorn man tug of war

  • Hey guys

    I’m a Laura I’m a Taurus female and I first met my manfriend Iast November when we met it was magically to say the least I was in need of some rolling papers for a my blunt n I seen him smoking so I asked him did he have some he did he gave me the rest of his bamboo papers I thanked him in walked away in something in my spirit told me to turn around n talk to him so I did
    We talked hangout and was wounded up kissing for alil so I had to continue my night as he had his so we thought but after departing hours later we wound up meeting up again

    In I’m a very romantic person so I always see movies when people are kissing in the rain in I always wanted that n when we met again
    It was raining and we were kissing on the streets of Chelsea in Manhattan

    So fast word we been having out more than we have before before we would just talk thru text which is fine with me n he’s a workaholic n he has a management position so what me being out of work right now I have more time on my hand in sometime I was selfish to the fact that he was working we had a few fall outs the were all my shit we didn’t talk for a few days sometimes a few weeks but we always found our way back
    So after the first time we met I had went to his place then it was like another month or so then he started making time for me more then to a more recent time he was willing to see me before work in the morning like 4/5 n had to be work by like 2pm
    I seen him recently and we were suppose to be sexually but it seemed to turn into a kissing cuddle fore play type of thing he always wants to hold my hand n was told me countless times he missed me and he made a reference like you my baby and I’m serious about that he always tells me I’m the only one n other sweet things but he has hot n cold spells but he is getting better with that now that I think of it
    Because my issue is that I start to overthink And try to over compensate ♉️ problems

    I honestly just want to know someone opinion on it from.

    Also keep in mind that our most recent meetings we’ve been taking ecstasy and I’m thinking maybe he’s just talking out his ass but I’m always reminded of times when I tried to get him to say something that would please my ego n he wouldn’t so I’m like maybe he is

    I spoke to someone whose a Capricorn and he said sometimes when their true feelings come out they have to step back to process everything

  • With Capricorns, work tends to be everything to them. But honestly I think this guy is just passing time with you and is not that into you. Otherwise, he would do everything he could to be with you as much as he could. You are living in a romantic fantasy yourself - you just want to be with someone, anyone in a fairy-tale romance movie-type situation but aren't facing the reality of this particular situation - which is this guy is not wanting to get serious with you.

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