Love reading request

  • Would someone be willing to do a relationship reading on me and my current partner? I would greatly appreciate it

  • @nellau58 I can later ! Live and light x

  • What are the dates of birth?

  • @jodomi thank you!

  • @thecaptain mine is February 12, 1997 his is September 29, 1990

  • @nellau58 this relationship can work out well for the long term. However, there is a wellspring of energy here that can be either used constructively or simply left to flood out of control. Thus this matchup may be characterized as a continual struggle on the part of your partner to harness and tame your irrepressible energy. If he is successful, and the necessary discipline is imposed, the two of you can be highly effective in bringing your creative energy to a wider public; in the best-case scenario, the result is a merger of his technical know-how and your creativity. He can help you with your problem of focusing on one project at a time. If he is unsuccessful, however, battles between the two of you will rage, with neither side prepared to compromise.

    In a love affair here, there is a hint of the kind of idiosyncrasy of which the two of you are capable. Unusual, even peculiar practices may well emerge here, which you are likely to accept as normal but which society, if made aware of them, would frown on as kinky or bizarre. No matter how far you and your partner are apt to explore less-traveled roads, however, it will rarely cause any serious harm, either to yourselves or to others. Your pursuits are not restricted to the physical plane by any means, but may well emerge in intellectual or even spiritual practices. Marriage can be based squarely on one such field of practice, which may involve an ideology or a social or political group to which this relationship devotes its energy. If however your partner begins to treat you more as a child with him as the parent and only adult in the room, playing the commanding role, everything will hinge on your tractability to and acceptance of this treatment. Ultimately however, you will demand to be treated equally, and the resulting relationship can prove more effective than before.

    Your partner may often feel as if he doesn't fit in. He is not a team player. His need to constantly challenge, question and shine can cause great tension in personal relationships. However, as he is also passionate and romantic, loving heartfelt gestures such as flowers, hearts and poems, people will tend to forgive him. Because his life can be unpredictable, he will thrive best with a partner who can offer him stability and security.

  • Greetings @Nellau58, IZ I'm True Readings, just came across your post and would love to help you gain more clarity in your relationship. Be no stranger and please stop by my profile when you can. Thank you, Love & Light

  • @thecaptain
    another reading which is a pleasure to read and straight to the point.

  • Can I please get a love reading for me and my partner. The date are June 21 81 and May 11 69 thank you