Confused by a Taurus Man

  • Hi Zaddie here. I’m new on this.

    I am a bit confused about a Taurus male who I met at a seminar at my job couple of months ago. The company had couple of workshops that day but we were both in the same workshops. our company asked us to introduce ourselves to our coworkers which we did. During the second workshops he approaches me and calls out my name. He tells me that we both were in the same workshop earlier. I politely respond back to him and that was it. Couple of weeks later after work he approaches me and he askes my opinion on work that day. He offered me a car ride home which I was hesitant to take but I ended up taking his offer. Couple of weeks went by we got to know each other. We had the same sense of humor and got along really well, we opened up to each other. There was a day I went to work feeling sick and he was offering me to buy me food and kept checking up. Suddenly he did a complete 360 on me. He was very cold with me without any logical reason. I asked him a question he was very standoffish so I decided to back off. Neither of us approached each other after that. we greet each other, have a brief convo and continue with our day.

    I just want to know what’s up the sudden change? I don’t want to assume but doesn’t look at me when we talk. I began to get aquatinted with a Sagittarius male the Taurus moved his work station behind me?

    What is your opinion? I am a Taurus as well

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