Cancer Ex blocked me again

  • So, my Cancer ex just blocked me for the second time after 'coming by' to apologize about 2 weeks ago. Before he came by, he disappeared for almost 2 months after we broke up.

    He came back to say hi and apologized, and also asked me how things were going after that. Did i have new bf or not.

    He also told me that he disappeared to shut him out because he was having stress and all. But he promised me that he would facing it and not running away anymore. He also still wanted to straightened out himself, while we're trying to get back together. And during the 'trial', we got involved in some sexual connections. But after it happened, he's being silence for 2 or 3 days not talking to me. Which i thought he was just using me for pleasure.

    And he decided that he couldn't continue this relationship into boyfriend and girlfriend. But before that, i told him that when he decided he couldn't, i also couldn't talk to him anymore even as friends. Sounds pretty egoistic, huh?

    But honestly, as a Geminian i can never be friends with someone whom i still love. He begged me that we should try to have a real friendship and i said sorry but we've tried. And i said goodbye. But he didn't respond back, so i texted him 6 paragraphs explainations about how i felt and he said please come back and a few minutes later he said he made a mistake by deciding too soon. I told him not to change his mind because no matter the decision is, we could never be together due to our differences in beliefs and distance.

    And finally, he blocked me again after 2 weeks visit. Do you think he'll come by again? I just want to let him know that i wish we could be more than friends because this Geminian has being opened up to him and gave him my all. I'm also tired with the mind-changing but we love something challenging, you know?

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