Life path 11 feels more like a 9 ????

  • My birthdate is 2/19/1997 I am a life path 11 however i feel like i relate more to a life path 9. Is there any explanation for this?

  • @Phoebe219 Actually Life path number is a single-digit number that provides information about you, your personality and life. It shares deep insights into who you are, what are your talents and what do you feel within? It is the revelation that you search for your whole life. With this number, you may know your abilities, inner drives, and purpose you are born for.
    and your life path number is 1+1=2

    Life Path Number 2 people are true diplomats and believe in maintaining harmony. You are gentle, understanding and filled with nurturing qualities. No matter how broken you are, you can easily bounce back and regain your standing. Number 2 people are flexible to situations. You may see them blending into any circumstances without any frustration. If your number is 2 then you must be among the most open-minded, honest, visionary and talented set of people.

    Strengths- Balanced. Understanding, Fair and Peacemaker.

    Weakness or Challenges- Extremist, Lethargic, Lack of common sense.


  • This wasn't really what i was asking but thanks for the info. I don't necessarily agree with it.

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